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Southern Werewolf Chronicles Book One: Were Love Blooms -- EPUB

  • Madison Lee discovers Southern Hospitably has its limits, namely when it comes to the man who turned her into a werewolf and stole her heart.
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Release Date:
January 1, 2010
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Southern Debs did not howl at the moon!

Well, they didn't until a European Vacation turned Madison Lee into a freaking Werewolf. Now, she's using duct tape for bikini lines and buying Nair by the gallon. Just when her life couldn't get any weirder, Nicholi Grant, the man who gave her a night of incredible passion and an uncontrollable urge to howl at the moon, walks back into her life.

And, he has his sights set on her family's business--and a return trip to her unmentionables. Thank you very not. If her life wasn't complicated enough, monster hunters show up to turn her small town into a war zone.

How is a Southern Deb supposed to deal with lovers, killers and the biggest Cotillion of the year all at the same time? Madison soon learns "Where there's a Were, there's a way", and it leads straight to love.


"Hush, Mabelle knows best," she said clamping him firmly back in the chair. "Hush, Mabelle knows best," she said clamping him firmly back in the chair. 

With those famous last words, I settled into my chair, plucked a fairly recent issue of Cosmo from the table and got ready for the fun. The first fifteen minutes or so, were boring as a Sunday sermon with the a/c broke. In other words, I fell straight to sleep. I probably would have dozed the entire afternoon away but somewhere in the middle of a Blake Shelton dream, I heard Miss Mabelle's voice go below the range a human should be able to hear. 

"So, Nick, you planning to ask our Maddy to the Satin Rose?" Those simple words were enough to wake me up and leave poor Blake standing sad and alone on the beach. 

Being the sneaky girl I am, I cracked my eyelid just a smidgen to catch his answer. 

"I'm sure she already has an escort." 

I didn't. Not saying I couldn't have gotten one at the drop of a hat, but the pickings were slim and this Deb doesn't settle for just anyone. 

Mabelle bent in low, giving me a nod, when she caught me peeking. "I know for a fact she doesn't." 

"Can I be quite frank with you, madam?" Oh, that voice had a nervous twitch to it if I ever heard one. 

"It's just us chickens, so shoot," Mabelle said, clipping away a extra kinky lock of hair. 

"Ms. Lee has already expressed to me in no certain terms, our relationship is purely business." 

"When a woman says one thing, you can be assured it ain't always the thing she wants." How dare she match make with me in the same room! If I wasn't pretending to be asleep I'd give her a piece of my mind, or a big tip when Nicholi looked the other way. 

"So you're saying I should ask her? Owww!" he screeched, as Mabelle jerked on a tuft of hair. "That hurt! Just because I asked you a simple question, is no reason to snatch me bald." 

"Sometimes you got to wake a man up before he'll listen." She smirked, patting his hair back into place. 

"I was listening!" he shouted in a squeaky voice. 

"Just not close enough. Men rarely do. Now before we continue this confab, be a little more restrained. You're liable to shake Madison loose from them dreams with all that hollering. I think this is something we want to keep this between the two of us." I slammed my eye shut as she tilted her head in my direction. 

His voice dropped to a coarse hush. "Ah yes, quite right." 

"If it were me, I'd stop thinking with that brain of yours. Seems to be getting in the way, and that other mister you got consulting you, too." I lifted my eye just in time to see her tap the sheet covering him right above the money maker. 

"Madison is more than she appears. Old Mabelle knows the truth though." "In what way?" I felt the tension in Nicholi's voice. 

"Oh, Madison wants everyone to think she's some airhead who can't tie her own shoes without her Daddy's checkbook to show her how. Between us, Lee Manufacturing would be in big trouble if not for her." She waved her comb around before bringing it to bear on his scalp again. "You ask me, she practically runs the whole operation all by her lonesome." 

"Is that all?" I didn't have to open my eye to see the look of relief on his face. For a second there I thought she'd figure out I was… 

"Well that and she's a werewolf, just like you." This time my eye went past open and popped right out of my head. 

"Er… eee… excuse me?" Nicholi's stutter followed me to the pair. 

"Mabelle, what are you talking about?" I asked as politely as possible while trying not to slip on the pile of magazines I'd knocked onto the floor after her revelation. 

"Maddy child, you may be able to hide things from your Daddy, your best friend and everyone else in this town, but you can't hide anything from a licensed and bonded cosmetologist. Girl, I've been doing your hair since before you could walk. If you're not a werewolf, how else do you explain how a person can go from having normal slightly oily hair to something so coarse it damn near costs me a pair of shears every time you come in for visit?" She tapped Nicholi across the top of the head with her scissors. "I won't even go into the depilatory issues, she has going."



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Product Reviews

  1. A fun light hearted read! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2013

    . Morgan writes an engaging story about love, life, and fur with "Were Love Blooms," Book One of the Southern Werewolf Chronicles.

    Set in the heart of Louisiana, the story is told by Madison Lee, a southern debutante. While on a tour of Europe, Madison meets the enigmatic Nicholi Grant. After a night of passion with Nicholi, Madison is transformed into a werewolf. She goes back to Louisiana, alone, to deal with the fallout from her newfound hairy condition.

    Complications arise when Nicholi meets up with Madison a year later. The family business is struggling and Nicholi offers to become an investor. Madison's father welcomes Nicholi's fresh perspective, but Madison isn't so sure she should trust Nicholi; especially when Justin Maxwell shows up, a member of the Hunters of Alegeon, a group who has vowed to hunt down werewolves and kill them. After a hair raising chase in Madison's mustang, "Ms. Stang," Justin lets Nicholi go while he regroups. Nicholi enlists the help of fellow wolf, Jonas. While Madison introduces Nicholi to southern life, bacon, and grits, Maxwell plots the ultimate revenge. Can Nicholi win Madison's heart despite his year's absence and Maxwell's pursuit?

    Morgan's writing style is engaging. He writes in a fresh, humorous, first person perspective through Madison's point of view. The plot flows well, and I enjoyed the fast pace of the "Ms. Stang" chase.

    The story uses a good economy of words to paint Madison's world. Morgan is "spot on" in capturing the authentic feel of the south, including the culture, accents, and mannerisms.

    Morgan's characters are rich and endearing. Madison may initially appear more concerned about her hairy condition, how to hide it, and her Nair supply, but behind those concerns is a woman – a living breathing woman with a heart of gold. Madison cares about her father's company and the community. She wants only the best for the ones around her. When Jonas appears, he adds another layer to her characterization. He implies that one of her parents is also a werewolf. Madison is thus given the challenge of unlocking her family's heritage.

    Nicholi is the dark, handsome, dangerous stranger. He embodies strength and vitality. His fierce loyalty to Madison is something every woman wishes for.

    Morgan's love scenes are tasteful and rewarding. There's an emotional as well as a physical connection made between Madison and Nicholi.

    "Were Love Blooms" is a fun, light-hearted read that will spark the reader's hunger for another bite.

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