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Southern Comfort -- An Anthology of Love Set in America's South -- EPUB

  • Southern Comfort isn't always found in a bottle; sometimes, it's found where and when you least expect it.

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Release Date:
March 11, 2017
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Southern Comfort isn't always found in a bottle. Southern Comfort can be the discovery of where your heart truly resides, and surprise you feel in the learning.

Contingency Plan by Sandra Sookoo

Like real estate, love is all about location, especially when Marcus finds himself alone in a closet with smart-mouthed Cadence.

The Space Between Storms and Dreams by Sheryl Hames Torres

When she was fourteen and tormented by nightmares of her mother's death, Lissy's father wanted her to feel safe. So, he and Grandmother Claudie gave her an imaginary boy. It seemed like a sound plan, but they forgot to protect her heart.

Risking It All by Melanie Atkins

Bounty Hunter Chase Martin is still reeling from losing his best friend to a botched medical procedure while they served oversees. On his first job, he comes face-to-face with a killer, and must trust his life to a beautiful hostage who flunked out of nursing school.

Shadow Chasing by Charlotte J. Parker

Emma Devereaux returns to New Orleans in hopes that if one witch could curse her with immortality, then another could bless her with death. But fate has different plans when she looks into the familiar eyes of her lost love.

Reunion by Sherry Fowler Chancellor

An act of violence twenty years ago changed Renee's life, and took away the dreams she shared with Duncan. Now it's their high school reunion weekend, and Renee struggles with the decision to go. Too many memories -- good and bad.


From Contingency Plan by Sandra Sookoo.

"I thought you'd be one of those women who prefers white wine or a mint julep or something refined like that."

A surprised laugh escaped her. "A windjammer is quite a refined cocktail." A smile tugged at the corners of her lips and she gave in to the first smile since meeting him. "If you're in the Caribbean, lounging under a cabana on a deserted beach."

His eyes rounded with shock and he paused the hand that held a fry halfway to his mouth. A second later, he shook his head and tossed down the piece of food. When he extended an arm to snag a napkin from the stack on the wooden surface, a hint of his cologne made itself known: sandalwood and orange. Old-fashioned and timeless. And yummy. "Except, you're not anywhere near there. You're here, in Atlanta, or as I like to think of it, Hell's Furnace." He flashed a grin.

Another chortle happened before she could stifle it. Something about him tugged at her chest. He really had a nice sense of humor. "Oh, you think this is hot? Just wait until August when you're stuck on the freeway because of rush hour traffic with the sun glaring through the windshield. Bet you'll wish you were back in Vegas then." Darn it all, there was a hint of a dimple in his left cheek. Of course there was. Why wouldn't there be? He already looked like he could grace the covers of magazines and dressed like James Bond. A funny tickle started deep in her lower belly.

It meant nothing, this stupid reaction. Just in case, she took a bigger sip of her cocktail. Like Grady said, this man was nothing like her type.


"I'm not sure that's a place I want to revisit anytime soon. Thanksgiving will be soon enough." He drained his beer bottle then carefully set it down next to a tall glass of ice water. "Anyway, I'll leave you to your dinner, which, since you're at the bar, you're not all that into." He withdrew a ten and a twenty from his wallet, plunked the bills down next to his plate and then slid off the bar stool. "By the way, you should do that more often."

She swiveled around to fully face him. "Do what?"

Marcus shrugged. "Smile. Laugh." He grinned. "It makes your eyes dance and takes a good five years off your expression and it's nice sounding. Way better than your ordering people around." When he leaned closer, heat rolled off him and flooded her with another dose of his cologne. "Also, another piece of advice."

"Yes?" She could barely force that word out and even then, it sailed out on a breathless whisper.

"Your lipstick color is the shade your dress should be. Pastels aren't your thing." He stepped away then saluted her. "Maybe I'll see you around, Miss Hart."

Well, if that doesn't beat all. She stared after him, long after he'd exited the bar.

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