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SIU7 by Genevieve Williams

After a member of an FBI’s task force is drummed out of service for alleged evidence tampering, the task force is thrust into a case of witness protection for a woman who witnessed several murders.  In the course of this case, near disaster falls upon the team when one agent is murdered and two others are seriously wounded.  During this time, a mole within the ranks of the team who has ties to an underground criminal enterprise is exposed.

Once the mole is in custody and out of reach of the organization, the illegal element sets its sights on the team.  One by one, each team member is lured by information brought to light from that team member’s past.  They receive help from an unlikely source—their ousted team member.  He has been sending clues and information all along to the team that helps uncover the mole and gives him the revenge he seeks against those trying to destroy him. 

The organization begins its attack of the task force with a team member whose mother was murdered.  A partial fingerprint left at the scene leads him to hunt for her killer in New Mexico where a similar murder has occurred.  He uncovers the killer who is knee deep involved in the organization.  After that, the others of the team each battle their own demons from the past and every showdown reveals just how deep they will have to dig to unearth the mastermind of the organization. 

Books in Series: 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense