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SIU7 Book Three: Past Obsession -- EPUB

  • Caroline left to protect her brother from drug dealers. Derek thought she didn’t love him anymore. Their reunion results in fireworks and gunfire.

Other Details

Release Date:
December 1, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

When the love of your life deserts you without explanation…
FBI Agent Derek Ross’s fiancée bales on their engagement and disappears. He thinks she is gone forever until a video exposes her current whereabouts.

And known killers are hell bent on locating and harming her…
Traveling through Florida, he stumbles upon his ex, Caroline Truman. Her addicted brother stole drugs and a special flash drive from gang members which forced them into exile. Derek and the gang locate them at the same time and a shooting occurs.

You seek out a way to help her survive the fight of her life…
Derek begs them to return to Quantico offering protection from those trying to destroy them.

While attempting to convince her you were meant to be together forever.
Can Derek persuade Caroline they are meant for each other before evil forces destroy the only love he has ever known?


Derek wandered down to the beach across from the motel. He had a lot of thinking to do. When he first stepped out on the sand, he looked both ways and found the beach to be deserted. Just what he needed, to be alone with his thoughts.

He was still bewildered over having found Caroline. At this point, he wasn’t so sure anymore she’d wanted to be found. Right before they’d been interrupted, he’d sworn she was ready for anything. At least her body had spoken to him in such a way. After yesterday and today, he wasn’t sure about anything. He had gone a little too far. After all, Caroline belonged to no one, and he had been completely out of line with his aggression.

All day long he’d tried seeing Caroline so they could talk about what was happening between them again and to find out why she’d really left in the first place. Every time he went to the lobby or to the apartment to talk to her, Eli showed up. He would meet him at the door and would give him some trumped up excuse why Caroline wasn’t available. One time it was because she had gone shopping. Another time she was supposedly in conference with others who owned the motel and could not be disturbed.

He was trying his best to figure out a way to get her alone so they could have a talk. No matter what, he couldn’t help her and Eli if she wouldn’t talk to him.

After a couple of minutes of walking in the sand contemplating his next step, movement caught his eye. It didn’t take him long to realize it was Caroline. He reached a sand dune and stood there watching her walk along the water’s edge. She looked just like she did in the video they’d found in Frank Willis’s safe deposit box. Her hair was loose and flying around her head creating a tornado. Too bad it was late at night. A setting sun would have provided a perfect crimson backdrop to her beauty.

God, she was even more attractive now than she had been all those years ago. Her hips swayed to some unheard song as her hand was extended with fingers spread wide as if she were trying to capture the breeze in her hands.

He had to go to her. They’d been apart for so long. Ever since he’d laid eyes on her again, he hadn’t wanted to be anywhere but by her side.

She looked up as he reached her and gave him the smile he’d missed so much. Derek had to stop himself from scooping her up to kiss her silly. She didn’t know what she did to him with a single look.

"It’s beautiful here, don’t you think?" she asked as he approached. Her gaze then returned to the water. When he didn’t answer, she looked back his way.

"Yes. It is." He tilted his head and gazed into her eyes trying to convey the fact he meant she was the beautiful one, not the scenery. By the blush rising to her cheeks, he’d succeeded.

"So, what’s been happening in your life?" she asked, a note of curiosity tinting her voice.

"I’m not going to lie to you, Caroline. It’s been damned hard since you left." He leaned down and scooped up a handful of sand as they started walking down the beach together. A few sea shells were nestled in the sand. He picked them out and shook them free of sand particles. As he found a new shell, he examined it, brushed away the sand, and placed it in his pocket. "I threw myself into my work. I hated coming home to an empty house."

Guilt was etched on her face. "What happened to Midnight? Did you give him away?" She appeared anxious to find out about the pet he’d bought her and she’d abandoned.

"No. He’s still with me, except now he’s a spoiled brat." Derek laughed. He regaled her with a few tales of Midnight’s antics over the years. When he told her about Midnight’s recent need to kill his pillows and comforter, she laughed out loud for the first time since he’d found her. The sound sent warm fuzzies dancing around his heart.


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