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SIU7 Book One: Wild Obsession -- EPUB

  • An unorthodox FBI team is tasked with keeping a woman safe from a psycho killer while one of the members falls for her.

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Release Date:
August 1, 2016
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description


When your life is turned upside down…

Tara Roberts is forced to watch her family being murdered.  She heads for Las Vegas leaving behind memories of her shredded life. 

 And you can’t pick up the pieces…

FBI agents inform her the murderer has escaped and is headed her way.

You seek solace in the strangest places…

FBI Agent Chance Anselmi tries protecting her to no avail.  He offers Tara not only his protection but also his affection.

And realize love hides from no one. 

While fighting off her nemesis, Tara finds strength and love in the arms of her Cajun protector. 


Tara awoke with a start, beads of sweat rolling down her face. The darkened room grew hot and stuffy. She could barely make out the grey furry lump which was Timmy at the end of the bed. She leaned over and clicked the lamp switch on the night stand. Nothing. Maybe the bulb was burnt?

Looking down at her watch, she mashed a button on the side sending a glow of illumination over the dial. Three-thirty a.m.

Sheer silence in the room loomed in front of her. There wasn't a single sound stirring the air. No hum of air conditioning, no night sounds from outside, nothing.

An eerie feeling crept upon her. Was the electricity out? She opened the drawer on the night stand searching for a flashlight or something to guide her. Again, nothing.

Slipping out of bed and patting the air in front of her so she wouldn't bump into anything, she felt the hair at the back of her neck stand on in like static electricity. Though she could barely make him out, she saw Timmy stand up, hackles raised. He hissed vehemently.

A quick flash of white-hot light lit up the entire room followed by a crack of thunder so loud it vibrated the floorboards. She let out a high pitched squeak of fear as she grabbed her own arms and pulled them in over her chest as protection.

A thunderstorm, which must be what took out the electricity.

A shrill scratching sound like fingernails raking across a blackboard came from the window. She whipped her head toward the noise but saw nothing but drawn curtains.

The offensive noise came a second time. Fear started climbing up her spine making her heart race. Was someone trying to open her window?

Her feet moved quickly but silently to the door. Just as she reached out to turn the doorknob and make a run for it, the knob started turning on its own.

Holy crap! Someone was trying to get in her room!

Not sure she was headed in the right direction, she started feeling her way toward the closet. As she found the doorknob and twisted it, her bedroom door squeaked.

She jumped in the closet and pulled the door shut leaving a tiny crack so she could try to see her intruder. A beam of light swept back and forth across her darkened room. Someone was definitely in there. Fear ratcheted up another notch all through her body.

Wishing she had a weapon, she felt around the interior of the closet until she found purchase on some sort of metal stick which felt like a small piece of light pipe. She couldn't believe her luck! Wrapping her fingers around it, she lifted it in anticipation as she watched the beam of light grow stronger and nearer her location.

She could now see a shadowy figure holding what looked like a flashlight in one hand. Hovering in the other hand above it was a gun.

A gun! Oh, hell.

Her breath was suspended from fear, her heart was pounding out a brisk rhythm. All sorts of scenarios scooted through her brain, the worst of which was Alvin found her location, he'd murdered her FBI protectors, and now he was gunning for her. With one hand still on the doorknob, she felt a sudden pull on the door. Her heart jumped up in her throat. Not strong enough to counter the force, the door flew open.

Oh, God. This was it. Her life was going to end tonight right here in a damn closet.

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SIU7 Serie Wild Obsession Book 1 Trailer (00:48)
Having been forced to watch as her stalker kills her entire family, she tries creating a new life for herself until the FBI reports the killer has escaped confinement and is on the rampage once more. A Cajun born Special Agent for the FBI, he gives her the protection she needs but somehow manages to fall for the wiry little woman with the rich auburn hair and emerald green eyes. Though they try to deny the sexual chemistry sizzling between them while staying one step ahead of the murdering maniac, their flaming desires soon become undeniable. When two safe houses fail to keep her safe from harm, he goes rogue to hide her in the secluded swamps near his Louisiana home until someone within FBI ranks leaks their location to the killer. Forced to confront the evil man tracking the woman who has become his world, a showdown ensues that just might leave one of them dead.
  • SIU7 Serie Wil...
    Having been forced to watch as her stalker kills her entire fa...

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