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Sisters of Gamma Omicron Delta by Christie Gibson

Emily, Courtney, and Jensen met during college when they became initiated members of Gamma Omicron Delta (GOD). Now sorority alums pursuing careers, these ambitious ladies are game changers in the work place. They make things happen. They’re leaders. Action takers. Road pavers. Results generators. And still active with GOD.

Therefore, other women loathe them, like Gillian.

But don’t assume life comes easy for these sorority sisters. Emily battles endometriosis as she transforms an underperforming marching band. Courtney adapts to corporate politics and life without a mother. Jensen produces a new TV series and loses her best friend to cancer. And Gillian becomes an alum initiate while trying to forgive past sins.

These sisters brave the front seat of a roller coaster, navigating steep adversity, hormones, and emotions. They get angry, mess up, fall hard, but still try to enjoy a good margarita on the rocks when their work schedules and stars align. No matter their age, career, or love life, #GammaOmicronDelta keeps them focused and connected for life.