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Shadows Book Four: This Shadowed Land -- EPUB

  • Fisted Hand wants Rebekah. First, he must get Matthew out of the way. Rebekah hopes Matthew is safe, but fears he's on the prairie dying.
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Release Date:
January 1, 2014
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Together again, Matthew and Rebekah continue their journey west. But Fisted Hand is determined to have Rebekah for his own. First he must take Matthew out of the equation. Matthew is forced to face Fisted Hand in hand to hand combat and both men end up badly wounded in the fight. Thomas finds them and brings them back to the train, but only after Matthew exacts Thomas's promise that he'll care for Rebekah should he die.

When Matthew returns to camp, wounded and covered in blood, Rebekah fears the worst. She is heartened to learn he's alive, but knows even if the bleeding is stopped, infection may still take his life. She doesn't want to go to Oregon without the man she loves. She prays, now that Oregon is closer than before, God won't take Matthew away from her.


Intent on Matthew, Thomas and Andrew were nearly upon Rebekah when she finally looked their way.

"Mama," Andrew cried softly. Rebekah lifted him from Thomas's arms. Blood and dust covered his face and clothes, but a closer check showed he was okay and it wasn’t his blood. She held close and let him cry, but didn't allowed the same of herself.

"It's okay," she soothed him. Moving closer to Goliath, she gingerly put out her hand, afraid to touch the bloody body the horse carried. The man she loved. Was he dead? She touched his neck, prepared to say goodbye, but his body was warm and there was a pulse. Her knees nearly buckled before she caught herself.

Thomas alighted. He hooked her shoulder in his arm, gave it a quick squeeze. "He'll make it. We need to get him down and take care of him."

"And the other man?" Elijah asked. Rebekah looked to the third mount and rider slung on his back.

"He's alive," Thomas said quickly. "But I'll see to his wounds."

Rebekah put her hand to Thomas's arm. "He needs care. Get Matthew to our tent. Take Fisted Hand, too."

Thomas opened his mouth and shut it. His jaw firmed. Rebekah waited for the protest etched on his features. He remained silent.

"Take Matthew," Elijah replied. "I'll get Fisted Hand."

Rebekah stopped him. "Are you up to that?"

"I'll manage," Elijah assured her.

Flanked by Kat and Miriam, Rebekah followed Thomas, who carried Matthew. Her heart raced. How did she even move? Think? It was surreal, a nightmare. If only she'd wake up and Matthew would be fine. The nightmare dragged on.

Jenny met them along the way. "Take the wounded to my wagon. I have medicine and supplies there."

Rebekah didn't want to go, but Jenny's words were sound. Her wagon was better stocked and had more room.

Andrew clung to his mother's neck, but stopped sobbing and lay his head against her shoulder, quiet as the entourage detoured to the new wagon.

"Andrew." Rebekah stopped short of Jenny's wagon. "Mommy has to put you down so she can help Daddy. I need you to stay with Katrina and Miriam."

Andrew's arms tightened about her neck. His tears started again. Rebekah kissed his cheek.

"I know you're frightened... so am I. Mommy will be right here in this wagon. I’m not going anywhere." Rebekah sighed and knelt to set him down.

"I'll take him." Having laid Fisted Hand in the wagon, Elijah came to help. He placed a comforting hand on Andrew's shoulder. "Come with me, boy."

Andrew was reluctant. Rebekah gently pried his arms from her neck. "Andrew, go with Elijah. Mommy has to go take care of Daddy."

A tear traced a trail on Andrew's dirty cheek when Elijah took him into his arms.

"Will you be okay?" Elijah asked.

Rebekah managed a smile. "I have to be. Matthew needs me."

Determined, she rose on coltish legs and joined Jenny in the wagon.

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