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Seasons of Destiny by Deborah Kinnard

Some say time is an arrow, flying only in one direction. Some say it is more like a web, that might be on occasion double back on itself. Is time a matter of place? In an ancient family home in Cornwall, a portal opens on a schedule all its own. Can human need guide its opening, or does the portal have its own agenda, independent of will?

Each in season, bearing different personal burdens, three wayfarers are yanked back to fourteenth century Cornwall. One is being accidentally stranded, yet an enigmatic new friend hints that there is work for her to do that perhaps no other person can accomplish. One voyager has a mystery to solve, for his grad student didn’t really disappear—people do not travel in time. Yet as a medieval re-enactor, he’s curious enough to do some digging. A third traveler flees through the portal on desperate impulse, at a moment of urgent need, to escape a two-legged predator bent on violence.

Each traveler through time must follow a unique destiny, to discover why the portal chose them, and what God intends for them to do in this strangest of seasons in their lives.

Books in Series: 3

Genre: Christian/Inspirational Romance Time Travel