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Scrolls of Eternity Book One: Rebirth -- EPUB

  • Every boy dreams of being a superhero. Starting today, Patrick Michael Hughes lives the dream.
Author :

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Release Date:
June 11, 2013
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri
Photography by:
Hervey Bernadez
Cover Model:
Patrick M. Delaney Jr.

Product Description


Field trips suck!

Well, normally they do. When a visit to the local museum includes, gunmen, Egyptian gods, and, oh yeah, superpowers, Patrick Hughes thinks his life could use a little more boring.

After accidently assuming the mantle of Horus, the Egyptian God of War, he is about to take Superhero 101 for extra credit. With the help of his substitute history teacher, who just so happens to be Anubis God of the Dead, Patrick takes a crash course in what it takes to be a hero.

Too bad time is running out. Sutekh the God of Chaos has his eye on taking over the world. Unless he gets the hang of being a superhero and quick, getting an F will be the least of Patrick's worries. Will Patrick's first test at being a superhero be his last, or will he become the hero he was born to be?


His first real look at the Orb erased the snarl from his lips. The thing was glowing. Blue fire swirled inside the heart of the stone. His eyes burned from the sight of it growing to a near blinding radiance. As badly as he wanted to close them, something held them open. As it reached a pale blue tinged whiteness, something crawled through the light. His focus tightened, and it looked like a man. The weirdness only strengthened its hold on him.

Then, a voice filled his head. "Patrick Hughes, let me in."

"Don't think so," Patrick whispered. Disembodied voices weren't on his buddy list, and especially one that froze him in place and made him watch freaky CGI.

"You are the only chance your friends have. If Sutekh gets his hand on the Orb, not only them, but your entire world will be forfeit."

Patrick couldn't believe his ears. He was just a kid. Even if this wasn't some static electricity induced delusion, how could he save anyone? Those guys had guns for one thing. If that wasn't enough, he was pretty sure accepting invitations from disembodied voices fell under the heading of not talking to strangers that his mom kept harping on and on about. Still, if he didn't do something, he felt relatively certain that the voice would turn out to be right. People were gonna die. Squinting his eyes, he knew what he had to do. In the immortal words of Uncle Ben, "with great power comes great responsibility." Or, in his case, with geeky conscience, comes stupid decisions.

"What do I have to do?" Resigned, he let his forehead bump against the glass.

"Open your heart, young warrior."

Lightning shot through him! Literally! A dazzling blue beam of light sprang from the heart of the Orb. The second it touched him, every nerve ending went supersonic. The brush of air against his skin felt like grains of sand flowing over him. He tried to cry out, but his mouth refused to wrap around the scream he tasted on the tip of his tongue. Finally it came, a small strangled sob, as he was flung back. Twisting his body, he tried to catch himself on the edge of the display. All it earned him was a bone cracking thud, as his body smacked into the floor.

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Product Reviews

  1. "...a fun, fast paced tale sure to delight readers who enjoy superheroes and the classic struggle of good versus evil." 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2013

    "Anubis and Horus are sure that Patrick can be a hero. Unfortunately, Patrick doesn’t share their confidence.

    I immediately sympathized with Patrick. He’s a typical kid trying to survive adolescence and all its awkward glory...As I watched Patrick stumble through his life, it was easy for me to remember that time in my life. While not everyone will share Patrick’s obsession for all things science fiction, I imagine other readers, young and old, will be able to relate to Patrick’s struggle feel comfortable in his own skin.

    Reading Rebirth was a pleasure. It is a fun, fast paced tale sure to delight readers who enjoy superheroes and the classic struggle of good versus evil. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment in this exciting series."

    Long and Short Reviews

  2. Awesome young adult/middle school read! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jun 2013

    What a fun story! Boys or girls could enjoy this adventure. Patrick is both typical and non-typical of his age, and the adventure is wonderful.

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