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Scrambled Eggs -- EPUB

  • Sharlene has fallen for the father of her unborn child --and she doesn't even know it's him!
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Release Date:
March 11, 2018
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

Sharlene always wanted a baby, but her spoiled husband only wants a child to secure his position in his wealthy uncle’s will. A mix-up at the fertility clinic reveals his hypocrisy, prompting a pregnant Sharlene to strike out on her own. She's determined her child will enjoy the happy home growing up she was denied.

Single Sharlene “runs into” Zack on a busy street and falls for him--as he does for her. She takes the struggling student/small business owner Zack up on his offer to rent an apartment in his building. They become close neighbors, but good manners keep them at arm's length for longer than necessary. Even their best friends cheer them on!

Sharlene wonders could Zack ever love a child that isn’t his? Zack wonders will he ever find enough courage to tell Sharlene he’s the biological father of her child before she goes into labor?


Whap! Zack suddenly was sent airborne like a pigeon taking off in front of a Bi-State bus. He flipped over the unseen obstacle and landed in a crumpled heap on the pavement. What the hell did he trip over?

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry. Are you hurt?” came a breathless female voice.

Zack shook his head, looking cross-eyed at the cause of his accident. He blinked once. Twice. He must have bumped his head harder than he thought on the sidewalk. An angel in the guise of a petite blond with the brightest violet-blue eyes he’d ever seen stood directly in front of him. She possessed lush rosy lips and dimples nicely framed in a heart-shaped face. Lips perfect for singing praises. Lips just aching to be kissed.

“Did you hit your head?” the angel asked.

Zack basked in the warmth of her smile, a smile that easily penetrated the damp chill of a St. Louis winter. The wind tangled her long, straight hair around and around her camel-colored wool coat, giving her the appearance of a Venus on the half-shell. He blinked again, focusing on the object in front of her. A baby stroller had done him in. Why on earth was this gorgeous creature pushing an empty baby carriage?

 “Let me help you,” Aphrodite said, bending down beside him. “I am so sorry I ran you over. The wheel thingies sticking out must have tripped you up. I haven’t gotten the hang of driving this baby buggy yet. I’ve got about seven and a half months to go so I should be able to pass my test before then, huh?”

Then she laughed, a fairy-like giggle with a most interesting twang. Enthralled, Zack allowed the vision to take him by the shoulders and pull him to a sitting position, only protesting when she attempted to pull him to vertical.

“No, please don’t,” he gasped, scrambling to his feet. “I’m okay. I wouldn’t want someone in your delicate condition to strain herself.”

The sparkle in her eyes sliced through the gloom of the overcast February day. “How gallant you are. I’m glad the breed hasn’t died out with the Knights of the Round Table. You sure you’re not hurt any?”

 “Nothing but my pride, ma’am. Here let me help you with your purchases.” He quickly collected the packages off the sidewalk he had knocked out of the stroller and carefully stacked them in the empty seat.

“There you go. Be careful in this wind. You need to take care of yourself and the baby,” he said softly.

His eyes met hers, locking in a delicious, lingering look. Their mutual admiration could have gone on forever if Keith’s undisguised rude coughing hadn’t destroyed the moment. It’s for the best. Zack felt a lump forming in his throat as he spied a gold band on Venus’ left hand. All the good women are married.

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