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Scheduled for Extinction -- EPUB

  • Reunited with his lost love, Gerd-Carlson was set to embark on a journey into the outside world on a mission to prevent the planned extinction of mankind.
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Release Date:
December 21, 2017
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Gwen Phifer

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His whole life, Gerd-Carlson had known only the strict routine of the city's Hygienic Code. Along with the remnants of mankind, he lived comfortably in the antiseptic environment of Enclosure Monos. Cut off against the outside world, he and the rest of the dome’s dwindling population waited for the day when the last person would be gone leaving the Earth free of human contamination.

Or so it had always been.

Until one day, approached by the agent of a movement dedicated to freeing man from planned extinction, Gerd-Carlson was shaken from his complacency learning that the state had robbed him of his memories including all recollection of the woman he loved.

Now, with his mind restored, and once again united with his beloved Dorcas-Fenris, he will dare escape from Enclosure Monos into the forbidden outside world to learn the secrets of the ancient environmentalists whose plan for man's extinction is on the verge of success!


"He means it!" declared Dorcas-Fenris, suddenly cognizant of the seriousness of the situation. "He means to kill us!"

Desperately, she clutched at Gerd-Carlson’s arm, pulling him back, away from the chamber.

 The man gripped his weapon menacingly.

"Don’t antagonize him, Dorcas..."

"I don’t want to die!" Dorcas-Fenris insisted, still trying to hold him back. "This is all pointless! Why should we die? What meaning will there be in it? I... I want my life... my life with you... even under the conditions of Enclosure Cerul--"

At that point, Dorcas-Fenris’ desperate plea stirred similar feelings in Gerd-Carlson. A vision of his future life with Dorcas-Fenris slowly coalesced in his mind. Became a real thing. Something that had been nearer and more real than he ever supposed. What suddenly became unreal was their mission. One whose considerations were now being voiced by a near hysterical Dorcas-Fenris.

"Of what use is finding the shuttle, of going to the space station, or of pleading with the Codifiers?" she demanded. "They’re likely long gone and their depopulation plan false and outdated. Why should we die for that?"

Briefly, a life with Dorcas-Fenris, even under the oppressive conditions of the Enclosure, did not seem so bad to Gerd-Carlson. Then, he shook himself of the dream."

"Take control of yourself, Dorcas," ordered Gerd-Carlson, taking her in his unencumbered hand and shaking her, if only gently.

But she shook herself free and taking a few steps in the direction of their captor, began to plead.

"We’ll go back," she began. "We’ll go back to the Enclosure then our presence won’t be a pollutant to the outside anymore..."

"It’s too late fer thet," sneered the man, his finger tightening on the release of his weapon.  "Now git goin’. If you give me any more trouble..."

"Don’t!" shouted Gerd-Carlson, sensing the man was about to shoot. His concern for the safety of Dorcas-Fenris had somehow shaken him from the lethargy that had seized him upon the failure of his earlier attempt to escape. He was now again prepared to launch himself at the Conservationist in a desperate bid to overpower him.

The decision to act however, came too late. Before he could do or say anything more, something hit him in the back of the head.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on the bottom of the sterilization chamber, his head cradled in Dorcas-Fenris' lap. Vaguely, he saw the tears streaking her derma-solutionless cheeks. Weakly, he tried to reach up to her, but the sharp click of a closing panel distracted him.

Outside the clear-plex chamber walls, he could see the Conservationist working instruments. Lights flashed, and there was a hiss of gas inside the chamber.

Finally, the Conservationist reached to a lever that fairly shouted its importance to the operation of the sterilization chamber. Gerd-Carlson knew that once it was pulled, their fate would be sealed. But by then, he was too groggy to care.

 Then the lever was lowered and he heard Dorcas-Fenris give a last cry of despair.


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