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Sapphire Skies -- EPUB

  • Yearning for her father's approval, Austrian immigrant Lili Kohl tries to file for a Montana homestead. Is the man she loves keeping it from her?
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Release Date:
January 21, 2013
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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In 1892, Austrian immigrant Lili Kohl arrives in Cedar Creek, Montana, unprepared but determined to file for a homestead for her family. She prays her domineering father will acknowledge her efforts and at long last be proud of her, but how can he be when the only work she finds is an unusual position at the town's only bordello?

Former deputy and now rancher, Gabriel McCall has the same goal - a homestead for his brother thus fulfilling his father's deathbed wish.

Problems arise when Lili finds herself falling in love with Gabe only to discover he wants the same piece of land she has hear heart set on.

What happens when Lili's family unexpectedly arrives? Will her father ever approve of her? Or Gabriel? Can she reconcile the conflicting personalities of the two strong willed men in her life? Will it be at the expense of her own happiness?


"Do you need a place to stay?

She sure did, and hoped it would not be too expensive. "Yes, sir, I do."

"The hotel has reasonable prices."

Lili took a deep breath, hoping her English would be correct. "Where may I find it?"

"Right up the street, the building with the wagon in front. I can have your trunk sent there."

Lili thanked him, and picked up her valise.

"Now, remember, there's a train going east next week, in case you want to go back."

She thanked him and walked toward the hotel, conscious of the men milling about outside, some of them looking her way. She prayed her uncertainty didn't show.

Approaching the double oak doors of the hotel, Lili noticed a man in a white shirt leaning against a post near the entrance. His broad chest tapered down to a leather belt, and jeans covered his long legs. Rolled up sleeves accentuated his muscular brown arms folded across his chest. She tried to see his eyes, but a wide brimmed hat shaded his face. As she came closer to him, he removed his hat and held the door open for her. This unexpected polite gesture caught her by surprise.

Lili glanced up into smiling brown eyes, and her heart stopped. Why? His skin looked darker than most of the men outside. His kindness unsettled her.

Her voice failed. She gave him a brief smile and went into the hotel.

In the lobby, comfortable looking chairs surrounding a low table holding a bouquet of flowers in a glass-canning jar. Overhead, a fan turned in slow circles. Tantalizing smells wafted from the dining room located near the manager's desk.

How much would it cost to stay here? New York City was a long way off, but if her plans for a homestead in Montana didn't work out, she might be on the next train going back. She needed to watch her spending.

After renting the cheapest room and being told there was no work in Cedar Creek at the moment but at the local saloon, Lili knew she had to at least try.

After saying a prayer for guidance, she left the hotel and crossed the dusty street. The same man who had held the door for her earlier stood talking to some other men near the saloon. He turned and tipped his hat to her. Dark hair edged his collar. For a moment his gaze held hers. Her heart slammed against her ribs and not knowing what to do, she turned away and tried to steady herself before going into the Silver Spigot Saloon.

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