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Runners Book Three: The Last Day Lily -- EPUB

  • While dealing with Grandpa Martin's terrifying edict, Jon Perone tries to balance his love for Jen with running and survival. Her international racing complicates things.
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December 21, 2015
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Jenifer Ranieri

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Jon and Jen survive their parental-induced breakup and patch up. They graduate from middle school and hope to spend the summer together running. However, Jen's grandfather has other plans for her.

Grandpa Martin enters her into an international track competition, and through her acquiescing parents, convinces Jon's parents to allow him along as her coach. But things get complicated when two runners solicit his help and his handler admits to dark dealings that will alter Jen and his future together. Success in running doesn't necessarily equate to victory.

Jon finds greater obstacles to overcome, including his runaway mouth, and must balance his love with reality to keep his world intact, with, and without Jen. He finds his faith an ally, sometimes the only one.


"You can't wear that," one voice said. "You'll die." It had a Jamaican sound.

"Where are you from, Siberia?" another voice added, with a noticeable, but not a local accent.

They popped into view. One looked like an American, except she probably didn't have an ounce of body fat, and for certain had never been supersized. The other, taller and curvier, was a local. Both were cute and probably knew it.

"Hi," they chimed together.

The local spoke first. "You must be new at this. That running suit you are waving is way too North American for here. Where are you from?" She had that same lyrical Jamaican sound.

"Washington," Lisa answered for us, "We're from Washington State, um, USA."

"Do you run?" the other girl asked her.

"No, I'm press. See?" Lisa pulled out her badge.

"Press? Girls can be press. How neat," the local girl said. "We didn't think you were a runner. You have too much."

"Too much what?" I asked, causing more giggles.

"Top," the other girl said. She pointed at the local girl. "Elizabeth is getting too much top. Soon, I'll outrun her again."

"In your dreams," Elizabeth snapped. "Hi, I'm Elizabeth. Skinny here is Sophie Anjou. She's French; I'm Jamaican. But you probably figured that out. You two are sisters?" She pointed at Lisa and Jen.

Lisa answered the question and took care of introductions, bringing me up last as Jen's coach.

"Coach? Get out!" Elizabeth exclaimed, eyeing me carefully.

Sophie started jumping around, going through the racks. "Hey, sales lady." She waved one over. "This store has everything for runners in here, right?" The lady nodded. "Where can I get one of these for Elizabeth?" She pointed at me.

The clerk opened her mouth, closed it, waved her hand dismissively, and walked away.

"Guess you're out of stock," Sophie muttered. She turned back to Jen, giving her a long, sweeping assessment.

"Now, back to business. Jenni girl, you need some serious assistance from those who know. Which, in case you didn't know, is us. It's about looking the part, knowing every little girl in the stands wants to be you, if you win or if you don't."

"You," Elizabeth said, "Hunky coach. You go over there and entertain yourself." She pointed toward the men's section. "We are going to help this little lady out. Come on."

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