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Runners Book One: To Face The World -- EPUB

  • Jon Perone's middle-school life involves reading, running, singing, and Jen, his first love, along with her crazy, rich family, who harbor a legion of secrets..
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Release Date:
December 11, 2014
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Shy Jon Perone loves to run, but confines it to the forest and the street near his working-class family's farm. He falls hard for pretty Jennifer Carling, a new student in his school. When he discovers that she likes to run, he jacks up his courage and joins the middle school track team just to be around her. His ploy succeeds when, failing to finish a race, she asks him to teach her how to run.

However, Jennifer's upper-crust family comes cloaked in a web of deceit and chaos, full of secrets, some hidden all her life. As Jon and Jen's fledgling love deepens, the web strives to ensnare them. To fulfill their dream to create a relationship together while they attempt to set new records for their track team, they have to overcome the barriers thrown up by his conservative father, her crazy, rich parents, and their own coach.


Everything changed two days after Dave's kind remarks and the day after Meredith's departure. It began normal, as I made my way to my locker before school started, counting the floor tiles, something I did regularly in the eighth grade wing.

When I glanced up, I saw a girl. Not just any girl, the girl. She was almost my height, slender, shoulder-length blond hair, with a slightly turned up nose, and a slightly turned down mouth. Her high cheekbones curved into tiny, matching dimples. She had an aura flowing around her, which absorbed and radiated all the light in the hallway. Her face, angelic, a face a twelve-year-old male, me, could forever get lost in. She shined without even noticing me. Or maybe she shined because she didn't notice me.

She wore an enormous emerald green sweatshirt, which stretched halfway to her knees. It said "Sugar Bay Plantation" under a sailboat, sunset, and bent palm tree.

Sugar Bay Plantation, where is it?

A white, pleated skirt barely appeared below the sweatshirt. Her sweatshirt color matched her green knee socks and her skirt matched her sparkling white running shoes, properly laced.

She had great legs, even as a sixth grader. Not the skinny, stick kind the rest of the girls had. Not fat either. Her knees didn't have knobs like everyone else, including me. Her skin seemed more light golden than white, indicating she had more sun than we got in Western Washington. She seemed older than I was from her skirt down, but younger otherwise. She didn't appear to have any discernible figure under the sweatshirt, only lots of extra space unfilled.

I realized I had gone from her hair to her feet and back again, in the short time I watched her. As she hadn't noticed me yet, I had ample opportunity to do a complete review, top to bottom.

Her bottom seems as lost in the sweatshirt as her top.

Oops. It's not like I'm standing here ogling her. Yes, I am!

She was in Meredith's locker, or at least trying to get in. Her backpack leaned against my locker, with her coat on top.

Holding a paper, she spun the combination again, with the same result. The handle didn't move. I stood stupidly to one side of her, watching and waiting, for what I didn't know.
Finally, she noticed me, her emerald green eyes connecting with mine. I thought my being quiet would startle or upset her, but I didn't appear to. Instead, she gave me a shy smile, lighting me up, along with the whole hallway behind me, maybe the whole school building. She hooked me for life from the very first second of her very first smile.

"It won't open," she breathed at me.

She spoke! To me!

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