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Runners Book Four: To Fall From Grace -- EPUB

  • Jon's and Jen's worlds are growing further apart, along with the disintegration of Jen's family. Their time together becomes more precious, and more dangerous.
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Release Date:
March 21, 2017
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Jon and Jen are reunited for his brother's wedding, allowing Jen to take a break from the international racing circuit. But trouble follows them and Jen's family issues spill into Jon's home and family. At fourteen, their lives become dangerous pawns in a game they want no part of.

With bodyguards watching their every move, and with the opposition in plain sight, the tension in keeping their relationship brings them closer together and closer and closer to being torn apart.

Then the unthinkable happens, and Jon's very self is altered forever. Can their relationship survive the outside threats, and for Jon, the inside threats, too?


A bullet shot past my ear, far too close, and I dove back. Before they were out of sight again, I noticed a body less than twenty feet from the sand trap. Someone had tried to ambush me and had paid for it.

More pops, as if someone snapped loud plastic bubble wrap.

I looked for an escape route, but the only cover was back toward Mom's car.

Trapped like a rat. And who knows what has happened to Hardplace.

I tried not to picture him dead, but too many TV shows suddenly flashed burning bodies across my memory.

When I heard a siren, I peeked. Another car came screeching to a halt behind the Ugly twins' car. A Crown Vic meant Captain Phillips.

Which side is he on?

After two seconds, the Crown Vic passed both front cars and turned sideways, cutting off the open space between the front cars and the back cars. Captain Phillips climbed out and Rock slithered over next to him.

"Throw down your weapons and lay flat with your hands locked behind your head. You got one second to decide."

No movement.

His threat didn't work.

Nobody moved. I counted to nine before--

Ka-Boom! Ka-Boom! One car down.

Ka-Boom! Ka Boom! Two cars down.

Captain Phillips had fired a shotgun, the monster one in his car. His first set of blasts blew the glass out of the front and back windshields of one car, and the second set of blasts took care of the other. He kept firing until he had turned everything to a pile of junk.

Don't bring a handgun to a shotgun fight.

Four more blasts and complete silence.

Then came the whoosh. One of the shotgun blasts had hit a gas tank. It didn't blow like on the TV, with huge bellowing red fire and overblown sound effects, just a low whoosh to start before growing in intensity. Didn't matter much; within a few seconds fire had engulfed both cars. Rip's pickup was on fire, too, but not like the cars.

On the other side, three men lay on the ground, as did Wesley and Earl. None moved.

Maybe they were all told to hold still.

Rock and Captain Phillips moved, but in the wrong direction. Captain Phillips handcuffed Rock and placed him in his car.

Why? Doesn't matter. Finally, it's over. Someone needs to see to Hardplace. Wait. I can.

I started to move, but noticed something unexpected about the sand. It was turning red, as was the top of my shoulder. I didn't feel anything, other than the world seemed to be slowly circling.

I heard Jen screaming, "Jon!" But instead of getting louder, she grew softer.

You're running the wrong way, Jen.

Then someone found the light switch and flipped it, and the world went dark.

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