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Roberts, Lee


I was born and raised in the southern United States, but I have traveled to many other places in the world. I find different people and cultures fascinating. My education and work began with accounting and finance, but it has gradually evolved more to information technology. Our lives today are all about the flows of bits and bytes.

Many years ago, I started writing stories to capture the interesting thoughts and impressions lurking in my imagination. These stories became an important part of my life, and I decided to share this by creating fictitious people and places in my mind. They are very real to me with their own unique personalities, motivations, and quirks. They live in my head every day, and through the magic of books, I can share them with you.

Today, I am the luckiest man on the planet. I am married to a beautiful lady from Colombia and the proud father of wonderful children. I love animals, mysteries, and salsa music. Life is a very precious thing. Take time to ride a Harley, smoke a pipe, eat a taco, cuddle with a cat, or drink a cup of tea. Enjoy every moment of it with me.

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