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Rio Verde by Elise Phillips

Rio Verde Texas may be small but it is a town that is big on faith. Sure, the wife of the Baptist preacher has an anger management problem. And the sheriff was once a homeless squatter. But faith runs strong with most all of the residents despite the occasional bumps in the road.

And for three women, Rio Verde is a lifesaver. Mallie Jo left home headed for stardom. She was set to become one of the top ballet dancers in the country. Until a car accident stole that dream and shattered her faith. She finally returns home broken. But God isn’t done with her.

Joy Abbott had never stayed in one place long. She followed the wind, moving from place to place. She didn't put down roots. She didn't make friends. She didn't get tied down. Until the terms of her grandfather's will forced her to stay put for one year. Then God starts to show her all she could have if she would just stand still.

Luz Baca had it all. The love of her life. A beautiful daughter. A happy life. Until a robbery gone wrong takes the life of her husband. The rock solid faith that had sustained her for her whole life is quickly replaced with anger. When a stranger offers her a chance to make an old dream come true, the hope he offers -- along with his humbling faith -- starts to heal her broken heart.

Books in Series: 3

Genre: Christian/Inspirational Romance