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Renegade -- EPUB

  •  Quinn Gallagher is a rogue and a renegade -- a man who lives by his wits and his gun. When he meets Mexican beauty Rosa Perez, he finds himself faced with a situation that neither prowess nor power can master.
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Release Date:
January 11, 2014
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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On-the-run Quinn Gallagher agrees to become Hector Perez's hired gun. When an ambush takes Hector's life, Quinn becomes the sole protector of a fiery Mexican woman who thwarts his every attempt to defend her from a very real and present danger.

Rosa Perez's father's death leaves her with a host of problems: a dangerous secret, an ongoing family feud, a pursuing villain, and an overbearing aunt. She also inherits a new business partner. Quinn Gallagher has little respect for her abilities to manage her general store or her life. Despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Rosa is determined to find a way to control her property and her future.


Rosa’s cheeks flamed as she broke from Quinn’s grasp and raced for the door.

She was almost to safety when a drunken cowboy came from behind and caught her around the waist. "Come have a drink with Ringo." He fell into a chair, pulled Rosa into his lap and called out to Quinn, "I'll take the little señorita. You can have Megan." He addressed Rosa, "What's your price, honey?"

To Quinn’s complete horror, Rosa doubled her fist and delivered a solid punch to Ringo's jaw. As she swung her arm, the front of her dress pulled open. With her other hand, she struggled to pull her torn garment over the wide expanse of exposed breasts. "Take your hands off me!"

"You're a regular little spitfire!" Ringo gritted his teeth. "That's the way I like 'em, hot and wild."

"Let her go!" Quinn's voice sliced like a scalpel.

A hushed silence settled over the dim room. The air crackled with tension, as Quinn walked toward Ringo with his hand resting feather light on the hilt of his knife.

Sensing a fight was brewing, the pub patrons spread out, leaving the middle of the floor clear. They shouted and extorted with anticipating glee.

Ringo stood and pushed Rosa behind him. "This one's mine." He caught the side of the table to steady himself. "You got more than you can handle with Megan." His soft drawl was edged with cold mockery. "Move along."

"Let her go." Quinn’s command fell out into sudden silence.

"Come and get her," Ringo invited, as he leaned forward to leer at Quinn.

Quinn clenched his right hand into a massive fist, and rammed it into the other man's mouth.

Ringo reeled backward, grimacing in pain as he pressed his sleeve to his bloody mouth. "You damned Irishman, I'll kill you."

"Try it," Quinn promised, with deadly calm, "and I'll take you apart, piece by piece."

Ringo backed toward the door with his sleeve still covering his mouth. "I'll get you for this."

As the bar door swung shut behind Ringo, a hush fell over the room. Quinn took advantage of the temporary lull. He grabbed Rosa by the arm. "Get out of here before you take an unwilling trip to one of Dennis' back rooms and I wind up in jail."

Sensing the excitement was over, the crowd separated and dispersed, as once more men moved back to the bar or wandered to sit at tables.

Rosa held onto Quinn's arm with one hand and the front of her ripped dress with the other as she ran to stay up with his long, angry strides.

Once outside, he demanded, "How did you get here?"

Rosa pointed to a wagon on the other side of the narrow road. Chico sat in the driver’s seat with the team’s reins in his hands.

Quinn lifted her and bodily tossed her into the wagon seat. "Whatever possessed you to come to this place?"

As Chico released the brake, Rosa said, "Sheriff Cameron wants to see us tomorrow. We had better be there. Sheriff Cameron is not a man to cross."

Quinn loosened his horse from the hitching rail. This meant trouble, as if he didn’t have enough of that already. He tied his mount to the back of the wagon. "What does Sheriff Cameron want?" He climbed onto the wagon seat. "Get in the back, Chico. I'll drive."
Chico hopped into the back of the wagon.
Quinn whacked the mules across their backs with the reins. They broke into a run.
Rosa hung onto the side of the wagon seat with one hand and the front of her torn dress with the other. "I have to tell you--"She had problems staying upright. "What time we--" Her voice was lost in the wagon's rumble.
Quinn gave the reins a flip before turning to shout at her, "Save it until we get home. I have some things to say to you too!"

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