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Refrigeration Required -- EPUB

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Release Date:
April 11, 2014
Cover Artist:
Gwem Phifer

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Detective Jordan Montgomery knows all about life being turned upside down, she’s gone through it more times than she wants to count.

She thought she had gone through everything life could throw at her, but when her high school boyfriend, professional hockey player and notorious playboy, strolls back into her life without knowing her family has set them up – her world once again becomes a roller coaster she didn’t know she was in line for.

As Jordan deals with the roller coaster of her life, she has to decide if this time it is going to be for better or worse.


Jordy turned the final corner before the last stretch to her driveway, Zack’s tires screeching against the asphalt before the car straightened out again. She was furious with Benicia and even more furious that she had let it affect her. Her entire family was used to the comments surrounding Darien and Daniel, but it didn’t mean they didn’t sting. Tonight was different though; the disapproval in Benicia’s eyes had gotten to her more than anything, followed closely by her spiteful tone of voice. Jordy pressed the pedal flat against the floor going up her driveway before she slammed her foot on the breaks, no doubt leaving black marks on her perfectly clean driveway. She’d just have to clean it later.

She stomped her way to the front door and took a deep breath before unlocking it and walking in. Quinn was passed out on the couch to her left with the baby monitor next to her head, making Jordy smile when she picked it up. She pulled the blanket up over her friend, locked the door, and headed upstairs to bed.

Her day had started out fine, but the ending... it needed some serious work. She was so done with Benicia Pierce. She had known being with her was going to end badly, but after seeing Lacey it just felt so much worse. If Lacey was still hanging around Hawke then maybe he hadn’t changed as much as people seemed to think. It didn’t matter now; he wouldn’t be contacting her again after the performance she had given in that stupid restaurant.

She yanked her clothes off in favor of her pajamas and tamed her curls into a braid before climbing into bed. Jordy stared at her ceiling and listened to Talya’s steady breathing through the baby monitor as she drifted off.

“Jordy?” A soft voice woke her up and she tried to get her bearings.


“It’s Quinn, there’s some guy at the door? He’s asking for you.”

“Um, okay.” Jordy rubbed her eyes and crawled out of bed, grabbing her gun and sliding it in place at the small of her back. “Feel free to use the guest bedroom.”

Quinn nodded as she passed and Jordy headed down the stairs following the trail of lights Quinn had made to get to her bedroom. Jordy rounded the final corner and pulled the door open to find Hawke standing on the other side.

“What are you doing here?” she questioned, opening the door a little wider for him to step through and into her house.

“I came to apologize.” He looked down into her eyes, but quickly averted them when his eyes dipped a little lower. “I thought you’d still be awake. I’m sorry.”

Jordy looked down at her outfit and mentally cursed herself, crossing her arms over her chest to make it a little less awkward for both Hawke and her. She didn’t wear anything fancy to bed, just an old precinct league shirt and some workout shorts, but they were still her sleep wear and what she wasn’t wearing was what was making this so awkward.

“You don’t need to apologize, Hawke. You didn’t do anything wrong.” She stepped back as he stepped forward, moving around her as he started pacing. His hands dove into his mohawk, forcing it to lose its usual spunkiness.

“She shouldn’t have said those things, nobody should ever say those things about your family, let alone to your face and in public. I’m furious with her and I’m just so sorry Jordy.” He continued his pacing, his large feet making too much noise in the wood flooring as he walked himself in circles.

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