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Rak Shoma by Sue Perkins

The six continents on the planet of Rak Shoma are isolated from one another. None of them are aware of the others as sheer black cliffs prevent access to the ocean below and each one is hundreds of miles distant from their nearest neighbors.

On Homas, Ash's distinct silvery purple hair sets her apart from everyone else. Her parents confess they found her lost and wandering at two years of age. As an eighteen year old student at the Spires magic academy her problems increase. Before she can learn the Spires method of spells, she must struggle to hide her own superior magic. Determined to discover her origins she longs to give in to the call of the North Spire, which tempts her to enter. Despite her belief the broken spire holds the answer to her heritage, Ash is not willing to take the chance of being expelled. Her classmate Orm's magic is equal in strength to her own, and he promises to help Ash enter the North Spire to discover the truth, but they must wait until the end of the third and final year of their time at Spires.

Danger seems to threaten Ash and Orm, but their determination never wavers. Will the North Spire hold a clue to the secret of Ash's past, or will they find nothing? 

Books in Series: Six

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy