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Quarry Hall by Michelle Levigne

Quietly working from behind the stone walls of a Neo-Tudor mansion, the Arc Foundation helps the little people, those who have fallen through the cracks. They employ the personal touch, to ensure the right help goes to those who need it.

Guarded by big, intelligent dogs, trained to investigate, to see what others miss and stand fast in the face of danger, the daughters of Quarry Hall have the strongest motivation of all: they know from personal experience what it means to be hurting, lost, afraid, endangered by their own bad choices, and sure that no one cares. Whether it is a request for help, a chance meeting, or personal ties that guide them to their next mission, they give everything they have.

Sometimes, “everything” means injury, or even risking their lives. They have lost sisters already, and they know that standing up to the evil that lurks in the shadows means they will lose others. It is price they are willing to pay. To turn back now would endanger all they believe in, their souls, and betray the one who gave everything for them.

Books in series: 9

Genre: Women's Fiction/Inspirational Suspense

Linked loosely to both Tabor Heights, Ohio and Tabor Heights Year Two series.