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Quarry Hall Book One: Joan -- EPUB

  • Joan lies to survive, but after meeting her unknown father, she must give up all her lies to truly live.

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Release Date:
January 1, 2013
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description


Under a false identity, Joan finally has the life she has always wanted. With pressure to deepen a relationship on one side, and the threat of an old nemesis finding her on the other, she refuses to run, no matter what it costs her.

Into this chaos comes a letter from a man claiming to be her unknown father, and an invitation to visit him at Quarry Hall. He has a proposition for her.

Joan can make a big difference for good in the world, using her father's money. She hungers for the family and sense of belonging that Quarry Hall offers. To rescue her closest friend, she would sell the soul she doesn't believe she possesses.

In the end, Joan will have to give up the lies that have kept her alive all these years.


What kind of villain used twine to tie up his victims?

Joan's wrists itched from the fibers as she hobbled down the aisle between tall metal shelves full of grimy crates and packing boxes, and gave another experimental tug with her wrists bound behind her back. A sharp sensation flashed up her arm, followed by warm wet. Either sweat, or she had cut herself with the effort. She was betting on blood, because she had sat for four hours in a dark, grimy storage shed, sweating. The only thing that kept it from being a sweatbox straight out of a prison break movie was that it was made of plastic, not metal. All the time she sat there, no one had asked her any questions. She could have been another crate stored in the shed, for all the attention her captors paid her.

That was about to end, obviously. She would have preferred that they had put a hood over her head, but maybe that was a waste of time, since she had seen three of them. They didn't care what she saw, meaning they could keep her quiet and unable to use what she knew against them.

The man leading the way opened a door at the end of the shadowy aisle. Joan guessed the room was a pre-fabricated module, meant for dividing up large spaces to make them usable. All that mattered was that this room sat near the center of the warehouse. The man walking behind her grabbed her shoulder and half-guided, half-shoved her into the room. She stumbled, but the man who went in first, the beardless, taller one of the two, caught her. He copped a feel before pivoting her around, shoving her into a chair in the corner.

Matt sat in the other corner, hands bound behind him, his ankles tied to the battered wood-and-metal-tube chair with the same brown twine her captors had used on Joan. From the sweat and grime marking his face, darkening his clothes, matting his hair, he had been given the same temporary storage shed treatment. He had some bruises on his face and his bared arms, but no other signs of rough treatment. What was happening now, that they were brought together?

His eyes asked a thousand questions, but he didn't say anything.

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Product Reviews

  1. Twists and Characters Populate Joan 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Nov 2016

    Levigne creates a complex tale of intrigue. Joan Archer, an assumed name, is hiding from her psychotic mother and trying to find a bond in a family that mother attempted to destroy. Into the fray, her closest friend, Sophie, is attacked, and Joan's technological survival skills come into play to save Sophie. Meanwhile, her father, who started a foundation that uses the unique talents of others to right the wrongs in the world, has finally located Joan, and wants her to join his cause.
    The premises of this book are good. Many plot twists exist along with characters exhibiting unique and admirable traits. Quarry Hall is set up to be a wonderful saga.
    Unfortunately, Levigne fell short of her goal. Two major issues hurt a story I rooted for from the opening paragraph. The author was narrative in her writing style. Because of that, I couldn't feel Joan Archer's dilemma, her danger, or the pain of her dysfunctional upbringing. The narration often rushed me through from scene to scene.
    The second issue I had was that the scenes were not set concretely--or at least, concretely enough for me. I often had to figure out where they were or what they were doing or even who was in the scene after the fact, and I became frustrated. I wish I had a chance to savor the vast imagination of this author.
    A copy of this book was graciously supplied to me for my honest review.

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