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Quarry Hall Book Eleven: Jennifer -- EPUB

  • The past doesn't just haunt, but tries to destroy Jennifer as she helps a mother and her children escape their abuser.

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Release Date:
November 11, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

When Buddy Coltrane returns to attack the family he abandoned three years before, Quarry Hall gets involved.

Jennifer is assigned to investigate the situation surrounding Daria Coltrane and her children. She must trick Buddy into acting, so they can deal with him. A technological trap springs shut, indicating criminal mastermind Genghis is directing Buddy's actions. Jennifer convinces Daria to flee and start a new life.

Time and again, they can't seem to evade their pursuers. A chance encounter with friends from her Air Force childhood, who rally to help, reminds Jennifer of all she has lost. One of them, though, has a grudge against her, and he helps Buddy catch up with them.

Daria and her children are in danger from Quarry Hall's enemies. Jennifer willingly puts herself in the line of fire because as she says, "It's what we do." But will it be enough?


"You hung me out to dry," he snarled, as she turned and headed for the sidewalk.

Jennifer knew better than to respond.

"Spoiled brat. Just had to pay me back after the airport, didn't you?"

He was even more of an idiot now than he had been when he kept sabotaging himself under her father's command. Jennifer kept walking.

"Don't you walk away from me!"

She felt the air pressure just before she heard the slap of his boots on the clear pavement. Ducking to the left because Zach always dodged to the right when he kicked someone in the back, she twisted back to the right after he passed, and did a backflip. The evasive maneuver wasn't necessary. Zach tried to turn and swipe at her, and knocked himself flat again.

Jennifer stepped around him and continued down the sidewalk. There was nothing she could do that wouldn't enrage him. She suspected even if she stood still and let him rage at her, it wouldn't calm him down. Nothing would make her run, though she wanted to.

This time, she heard his feet slapping on the ice and splashing through the slush formed from the runoff coming from the blocked gutters. Glass walls were only twenty feet away, and through the condensation she saw people playing in the water. Over her head, someone on the slide shrieked as they went through a hairpin turn that dropped sharply as it headed back into the building. Jennifer bent and turned on one foot, kicking her other leg up high in a roundhouse kick that knocked Zach onto his back and flung his feet up in the air. She winced as slush hit her in the face.

"What is your problem?" she snapped, backing up a step.

"Just had to stick the knife in deeper, didn't you?" Zach sat up, but stayed down on the slush and ice.

"I didn't do anything to you."

"I got sacked, right after you and your spook friends flew away."

"You did that to yourself. I didn't talk to anyone."

"Lying filthy--"

She turned off her ears, but she swore the air felt scorched. It certainly smelled worse than a garbage dump on a humid summer day. Jennifer turned to resume her path to the door and let out a yelp.

Danny, Baron, Jumper, and half a dozen other guys from the reunion stood there, most of them grinning, some with their mouths hanging open.

"Teach me how to do that," Danny said, his voice thick with awe.

"What do you do now?" Clipper said, scooting forward to put his big booted foot down on Zach's leg when he made a move like he would try to get up. "Work for the Secret Service? FBI? CIA?"

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