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Provenance by T. N. England

In the quaint village of Camden, Wales, in 1813, begins the story of Abigail Watson, an unsuspecting eighteen-year-old, who is about to learn a big secret about herself and her heritage. Fate brings her into the life of Sir William Camden, a handsome and honorable knight who has a mystical secret of his own. Together they discover who they are and what the future holds.

William has inherited Camden Park, the wealthiest estate in Camden, and he and Abigail take their place as prominent citizens, making a difference wherever they can. Once Abigail adjusts to her new life as a member of the long line of wizardesses, she and William find themselves in the midst of battle in France. Their magic and training prove to be invaluable in defeating the otherworldly force behind Napoleon, thus ending the war in Europe.

Abigail and William have become a formidable force to anyone or anything that comes against them and they enjoy themselves in the process until tragedy hits and forces a change in their lives that neither one wants.  But, enduring love triumphs as William and Abigail realize their destiny as individuals and return to bliss stronger together than they ever were. William and Abigail’s love is a force stronger than any war or conflict they have ever faced.

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fantasy

Books in Series: Three