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Precious Things - EPUB

  • Wealth, success, and money have failed to bring Benjamin the happiness he needs; Only Jewell. When all his life is a lie, will she stay?
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Release Date:
December 1, 2010
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Benjamin Prescott Roth is his own man. Everything he has -- possessions, wealth, prestige, recognition for his accomplishments -- he earned. On his own. His deafness never defined him, but his father's rejection did.

"You'll never amount to anything..."

Every accomplishment has been to prove his father wrong.

Then a redheaded beauty puts him in his place, and Benjamin Roth is a lost man. Jewell is breathtaking, feisty, intelligent, independent, and so much more than an assistant to him. She is everything Benjamin needs, but never knew he wanted. She gets past his walls without even trying. She makes him happy.

But the fantasy can only last so long. When the foundation of his life crumbles, Jewell is there. Holding his hand. If his life is a lie, if every battle has been for nothing, if he can't accept who he really is, how can she? When the truth is a lie, what is there to offer her?


"I hope you don't think this is what it's like to work here. Most of the fund managers are very nice. It's just Mr. Roth. He's demanding and has a very short temper."

"April is being gracious in her description," Carol added wryly. "B.P. Roth is beyond demanding. And his short temper runs very hot."

The door opened again and the commanding presence of B.P. Roth stepped into the hall. Having already formed a mental image of a middle-aged, probably barrel-shaped man with a growing bald spot, Jewell was surprised to see a young man, perhaps early thirties, with caramel-blond hair that waved back from his forehead, and a refined, chiseled chin. There was an inherent strength in the set of his jaw. The starched-white shirt and tailored slacks accentuated a tall, and athletic build. His distinct profile turned from Jewell, deep brown eyes sought out and found the two hapless women in his employ. Carol looked up and April stood straight.

He barely glanced at Carol, focusing his fury on April. "Get me an appointment with Rowlings tomorrow. Book a conference room and inform senior management on the incubated Asian fund. Everyone is to attend."

His voice held a softer, somewhat incomplete quality despite its rough huskiness, with a slight rounding of his syllables. Jewell shifted her attention momentarily to his hands, set firm at his hips, and caught the slight twitching of his fingers. He may be speaking, but his hands probably itched to form the signs to match the words.

April nodded and jumped into action at his sharp tone. Mr. Roth turned away and his gaze fell on Jewell. Hard eyes took her in from head to toe in one powerful perusal before focusing on her face. Something about the way he assumed he had the right to look at her that way spurred Jewell into action.

She laid her hand against her chest, palm flat, and moved it in a circular motion. His left brow rose slightly and he scowled.

"Please, what?" he demanded.

"Book a conference room, please," she signed. "Wouldn't that be more polite?" Jewell made sure to face him and pronounced her words clearly, so he could read her lips without a problem.

Mr. Roth's hands sat at his waist and he shifted to an arrogant stance. His eyes widened slightly as he stared back at her. With two long strides, he moved closer to her.

"And you are?" he demanded with a jut of his chin toward her.

Jewell was shocked by the momentary disorientation of her senses when he closed the space between them. His presence was so overpowering, it acted like a force field around his body pushing against her when he neared her. A hint of the masculine scent he wore filled her senses, sandalwood and a subtle oriental spice. Her cheeks warmed.

Not allowing his presence to daunt her, she spoke and signed together, spelling out her name. "Jewell Kincaid."

Past his shoulder, Jewell saw April and Carol watch the exchange, and April laid down the phone handset. Jewell heard them whisper, but didn't turn from their boss and bring them again to his attention.

"Do I know you?" he asked.

Jewell shook her head. "No."

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Precious Things by Gail R. Delaney.dv (02:52)
AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2010 From a young age, Benjamin Prescott Roth shut himself off from everyone. He was determined to be his own man. But, for the first time in his life, he's letting someone else in. Jewell Kincaid is absolutely beautiful -- and beyond that she's feisty, intelligent and strong-willed. Benjamin's perfect match whether he wanted it or not. Then his world is shaken at the foundations, and he has to either let Jewell be his support -- or walk away.
  • Precious Thing...
    AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2010 From a young age, Benjamin Prescott Ro...

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Product Reviews

  1. Life influences art? 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2013

    I read this book awhile ago, but hadn't gotten around to reviewing it.

    Then I heard recently Ms. Delaney spoke at a conference and told the group she was hearing impaired, and asked that people stand when they speak and face her to help her. She wears hearing aids, so I've been told.

    I wonder... this book is so real, and her writing of Benjamin is so believable... how much of her own life does she put into this story?

    I have always appreciated her realism, and now I commend her for her commitment.

  2. A wonderfully emotional story 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Mar 2013

    "Precious Things" starts off as an office romance and ends up as a story about what it means to be a brother and sister, a father and mother, a lover and a friend. The characters discover who they are at their very heart and what binds them to the most important people in their lives.

    Gail R Delaney's characters, as always, are complex and believable. Benjamin's journey is a painful one, but Jewell's unwavering support and love helps him persevere.

    A wonderful book with so much heart.

  3. Rewrite was worth the reread 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2013

    I read Precious Things when it was first released years ago, and when I'd heard it had been released again, I decided to check it out. I liked it the first time, but hadn't heard much of Gail Delaney since.

    WOW! I can tell she put work into this new version, and I love it! Absolutely love it! Her handling of Benjamin's deafness is flawless. It's a part of him, but she writes it so it doesn't overpower him. And Jewell has so much spunk!

    This is a beautiful story of acceptance -- both of yourself and other people. Wonderfully told. I'm glad I found it again, and I'm off to buy another Gail Delaney book.

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