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Phoenix Rising by Gail R. Delaney

Sequel series to The Phoenix Rebellion

Humanity won the war. We took back our planet, and we took back our destiny. The enemy wore a mask of friendship, but Mankind is no longer fooled. While we may have reclaimed our world, we also know we are far from alone in the universe. There are planets and species and civilizations far beyond anything we have ever imagined. We move forward with the goal of becoming part of this ever-expanding universe.

In the aftermath of war, our world must be rebuilt. It will take the effort of every citizen to make our world better than it was.

But in this post-war society, we face a new threat. A threat from within from within our own people. The Xenos want Earth purged of anything "alien", anything they see as impure and not "human", despite the revelations of the past that make our separation from the universe impossible. We will fight a war at home as a new, darker, possibly more deadly threat looms in the blackness of space.

Books in series: 4

Genre: Futuristic Romance