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Phoenix Rising Book Two: Triad -- EPUB

  • Three men, one face, one mission: Never be slaves again. Katrina must convince the Triadic the world they knew is gone, along with their slavemaster.
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Release Date:
June 11, 2013
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Alpha. Beta. Omega. The Triadic.

They were created by the sickest, most twisted mind of all the Sorracchi to be super-soldiers, mindless, emotionless, A-moral killing machines -- but something went wrong. Compassion, affection, and curiosity are born in the human psyche and if it is strong enough it cannot be denied. But, it can be punished. The Triadic were placed in stasis for nearly a decade until their "teacher" could figure out how to fix them and strip them of their human hearts.

Before the War Katrina Bauer had spent her life tucked away from the world, hiding her intelligence and her skills to avoid the seeking eyes of the enemy. Now in Alexandria, working with men like Victor, Michael Tanner, and an elite scientific team reporting directly to President Nicholas Tanner, she and her brother Karl have found purpose and a sort of family.

In the dead of night she is snatched away and now must find a way to teach three powerful, frightening men they no longer need to live as slaves. The leader, the soldier, and the balance. They are lynchpins to each other. As their personalities are allowed to emerge, one will grow to be a man Katrina no longer fears, but might even love.


Does she still live?

Omega looked over his shoulder to Alpha and nodded.

The cold was too much for her. It was nearly too much for us.

We will not stay here long. Long enough to regain our bearings.

Omega nodded, acknowledging Alpha's command, but focused on removing the worst of the young woman's wet clothing. Her socks peeled off with a sucking pop, revealing bright red toes and swollen feet. Her skin was waxy and damp and frigid, the flesh without give. The crackle of the first embers of a fire stirred in the hearth. Soon the room would be warmer and her exposed skin would soak in the heat. He left her uncovered until he knew she would warm better under the blankets. There was no resistance in her limbs while he worked to remove the saturated sweater, the yarn heavy with melted snow. It left a damp circle on the blanket beneath her, but once she was bundled, it wouldn't matter. She wore a long sleeved shirt and lighter undershirt beneath the sweater, layered most likely to keep her warm. He took off the long sleeved shirt, still too damp to leave on, but the undershirt was only barely damp and sufficient to provide some level of warmth and modesty. Her trousers were heavy and utilitarian. They shucked off after several tugs to peel the wet fabric from her damp skin. The worst of the cold seemed localized in her upper body and her feet.

Curled on the blankets, she looked like little more than a child. Omega had never seen a woman so petite and frail. Someone so small would have been useless to his masters. Guilt curled in his chest for the pain she would likely experience when she awoke, and for the fear he had seen in her dark eyes.

The temperature in the room had already risen several degrees with the fire now burning in the hearth. The flicker of flame danced across her still features. Once the flame had caught, Alpha stood and crossed to a chair with another rumpled blanket draped over it. He retrieved it and came back to Omega, holding out the blanket.

Cover her.

Omega looked up at his brother, Alpha's recrimination heavy on his shoulders. He reached out and Alpha dropped the blanket into his hand. As Omega draped the blanket over the woman child, Alpha went to the bed, yanked the mattress free of the frame and set it against the wall, completely blocking the window.

This window faces the courtyard, but the fire may create enough light to be seen.

Omega nodded, satisfied he had done all he could do for the woman until she warmed. It would be preferable to give her something warm to eat or drink, but until they could reconnoiter further and find supplies, the warmth of the fire would need to suffice. He stood and took several steps back, bringing him closer to the fire. The heat spread across his exposed back and worked to dry the fabric of his thin pants. The blood flowing to his extremities had already warmed, his flesh returning to a natural color and temperature. She would take longer, her genetics alone prevented anything more expeditious, but until she was fully warmed and conscious again, he wouldn't be able to be free of the cold curling in his chest.

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Product Reviews

  1. "... on the same level as EE Doc Smith and Isaac Asimov..." 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Feb 2014

    "This is a wonderful series on the same level as EE Doc Smith and Isaac Asimov with its complex plot twists and intricate character development. I will be waiting impatiently to see who survives and if Aerth will prevail."

    Fallen Angel Reviews

  2. Not just books 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jul 2013

    Reading both The Phoenix Rebellion series, and Phoenix Rising series, is an experience like none other I've ever had reading a book.

    I don't just read about these people, I am living their lives with them. Gail doesn't keep you on the sidelines, she plunges you into the heart and soul of the Tanner family and everyone who comes in contact with them. Never more so than in Triad.

    Every time I read a Phoenix novel, I walk away changed.

  3. Another page-turner from Ms. Delaney 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jun 2013

    I have read a number of books by Gail R Delaney as I enjoy her style. I find her ability to create characters who are ordinary, yet achieve extraordinary things especially satisfying . She is also a master world builder. The Phoenix Series is a favorite and 'Triad' is a worthy addition to it.

    'Triad' focuses on three men found frozen on an enemy vessel. Their story is the focal point of the novel, but there are plenty of familiar characters from the previous 'Phoenix' books. As the Triad try to adapt to their surroundings, with the help of a talented scientist named Katrina, they learn about human values and what it means to truly live. I could not help but pull for them along the way. There is a point in the novel where the pacing becomes almost frenetic and you feel compelled to turn the pages. You will not want the story to end, and when you reach the last page you will know why.

    Ms Delaney has added another wonderful novel to her continuing 'Phoenix Rising' series. If you are looking for an exciting science fiction story populated by believable characters you will become attached to, 'Triad' fits the bill.

  4. I can't breathe 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2013

    I don't know if I took a breath through this whole book! WOW!

    There are so many things to say, so much wonderfulness in this book, I can't put it all down. I just want to live in her world.

  5. Storytelling at its best... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jun 2013

    Riveting. Breathtaking. Paging turning. I devoured the book in two days.

    I would recommend reading the first series, The Phoenix Rebellion, and then book 1 of Phoenix Rising: Janus. The story line flows from one book to the next, each book a satisfying read though it leaves me wanting more. The cast of characters are diverse and rich, creating a world both vast and intimate.

    When I read the premise of Triad, I confess I was leery. There were so many directions this could go. Gail stayed true to her style and though there were numerous twists and turns I reached the end with only one complaint: I have to wait until December for the next book!


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