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Phoenix Rising Book One: Janus -- EPUB

  • A soldier without a gun and a woman without a name or past must work together to stay alive and reveal the true enemy's face.
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Release Date:
May 21, 2012
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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It's been a year since Humanity rose up against their alien oppressors and took back Earth from the Sorracchi. The war left Earth devastated, crippled, but not beaten. Under the leadership of President Nick Tanner and in collaboration with their new Areth and Umani allies, the Earth seeks stable ground again.

John Smith of the Areth was a soldier before his queen asked him to serve as ambassador to Earth, and is out of his element. Restricted in his position from carrying a weapon, he has no way of defending himself or his adopted son when the Xenos -- a group of Humans wishing to purge the Earth of all alien influence -- decide they want him dead.

Jenifer is a soldier for hire, and answer to no one but her own common sense. She first refused the "job" of serving as John's bodyguard, but a glimpse at the heart of the man convinces her to accept the responsibility.

John has two faces: a soldier and an ambassador of peace. Jenifer has two faces: the steel-skinned warrior and the forgotten person she once was. Too many people hide behind masks, and it's those hiding who want John dead.


Silence settled in the room, and John shifted his attention from Nick to Jenifer, waiting to see who would break the silence. Finally, Nick took a step forward.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that stuff?" he demanded with a boom.

To her credit, Jenifer just smiled wider. "Then I suggest we discuss security, so we can protect your black market contraband candy, Mr. President."

Very slowly, and very deliberately, Nick turned to face John and Captain Phelps, his smoldering gaze on the captain. "Go get Vice President Surimoto and Colonel Ebben. Apparently, she's he-ere." He dragged the last word out with a singsong tone that did little to disguise his annoyance.

"Y-yes, sir." Phelps made a speedy departure, practically running back down the hall.

As if she'd decided her point was made, Jenifer came out of the chair and walked around to the front, sitting on the edge with her arms over her body and her ankles crossed. She watched him as she moved, her gaze never wavering from him. And he watched back. Nick rounded the desk in several long strides, swiping the empty jar up from where Jenifer had left it. He mumbled under his breath, but all John caught was something about Caitlin and how she was going to kill him.

John took a step toward Je

nifer, extending his hand. "John Smith."

The fact he still had no sense of this woman both fascinated and frustrated John. Usually, if he concentrated on the person he spoke to, he could get a clear sense of them from the emotions they projected. The skill had proven useful as a soldier and especially in the first few months he lived in Chicago before the attacks, and had doubled in usefulness since taking on the title of ambassador. In all that time, he hadn't met a Human he could not get some type of sense from, even if to only some minor degree. Even those without any Talent could be sensed if he reached out far enough.

She looked down at his hand, and very purposefully unfolded her arms, leaning back a few degrees further to rest her palms on the desk top. Long, seeking fingers found a pen near her left hand and her fingers curled around it.

Sensory perception, or not, John understood body language as well as any properly trained soldier would. He didn't divert his gaze, but lowered his hand back to his side, sliding it into his pocket.

"I know who

you are, Ambassador Smith." Her tone held a sardonic edge, and he could practically hear the unsaid scoff. Do you think I'm an idiot? "Need to know whose ass I'm protecting."

"Fair 'nough," he

said with a nod.


She said nothing,

just stared back at him.

"Just Jenifer " he said, leaving the question open.

"Just Jenifer," she reiterated with the slightest nod.


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Product Reviews

  1. Phoenix is indeed rising... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd May 2013

    Phoenix Rising follows the Phoenix Rebellion series. Beloved characters are back and adding more. Breathtaking, heart wrenching, intense, sprinkled with humor.

    I came into the Phoenix series after all four Rebellion books were out, so I was able to read one after the other. Nothing else was done during those few days. I thought about waiting to start the Rising series until it was complete, but I simply couldn't resist. When the opportunity to presented itself, I dove right in. My only complaint: I don't want to wait for the rest!

    Please don't ask me to choose a favorite book or character in the Phoenix series. There are action heroes and heroes who work behind the scenes. There are women who know how to fight and women who prefer to avoid fighting. You never know when a secondary character will become a main character. Some characters are evil but many more are good. Some have a clear view of their way and theirs are conflicted.

    I'm not someone who only reads one genre. I look for authors I love to read and then read everything they write because their stories are engaging and their characters resonate with me. Gail R. Delaney is on my favorite authors list.

  2. Best Phoenix book yet! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Mar 2013

    All I can say is "Wow!"

    I have been a fan of Gail Delaney's Phoenix series since she released Revolution years ago (and I've read ALL her books since then), and I was thrilled when I heard she was doing a follow up series.

    This book... Janus just blew me away. I mean, the first series was good. Really really good... some of the best sci fi rom on the market, as far as I'm concerned... but it only paved the way for the amazing storytelling that is this new series.

    Janus was intense, it was REAL. So real. I felt like I was there... living it... breathing it... fighting to stay alive. I know the second book is coming out in a couple months, and I can't wait!

    I think I'm going to read all the previous books again... just because they are so good. Seriously, if you love sci fi rom -- or even just an amazingly woven story -- check out all the Phoenix books.

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