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Parallax by Marina Landry

Generations ago, twelve countries of Earth combined their orbiting space stations to form Unity, a spacecolony that would guarantee the survival of the human race. Military corporations, overseeing the great exodus, grew in power until the United People's Guard ruled all levels of Unity.

Realizing Earth has begun to heal, the UPG built a prison on its surface to hold and hide the freestanders fighting to end its reign of cruelty. Members of a fragmented and scattered family are committed to destroying the vile prison, for all time. With extraordinary courage, intelligence, and love, and guided by a mysterious entity only a few can hear, these men and women struggle to restore justice and peace for the inhabitants of a new Earth. Each, in his or her unique way, helps to create a new culture joining freestanders and the descendents of the Old Earthers who were left behind.

In the gray metalplas alleys of the spacecolony and in the vivid beauty of the recovering planet, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers sacrifice whatever they must to oust the UPG. Through tests of courage, they find happiness and love where they least expect it and when they need it most.

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Books in Series: Four