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Parallax Book One: Bridges Burning -- EPUB

  • Freestanders on the spacecolony Unity rebel against the ruling military corporation. A dissatisfied woman frees rebels imprisoned on the healing planet Earth and finds love.
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Release Date:
February 11, 2018
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description

For generations, natives of Earth have been forced to export large quantities of food to Unity, the spacecolony their ancestors built to guarantee the survival of the human race. The UPG military corporation has built a prison on Earth to hold and hide the Freestanders fighting to end its reign over the citizens of Unity.

Dissatisfied with farming, Earther Ana Silvan is looking forward to working at the new prison. It doesn’t take long for her to wonder if the rebels are the real criminals in the prison.

Bearing fresh scars, Hart James leads his fellow Freestanders to escape the UPG prison. When he discovers Ana's role in his freedom and the sacrifices she made, Hart pledges to support her efforts to oust the UPG troops from Earth.

Together, Ana and Hart struggle to overcome personal tragedies, to accept the passion igniting between them, and to provide justice for the inhabitants of a new Earth. Through their tests of courage, they forge an unbreakable bond of love.


His brows drew together, and he looked steadily into her eyes. "Now, Ana, no one here wants you to get hurt. Believe me. We're just not exactly sure what to do with you. I can't quite bring myself to consider you a prisoner of war and leave you here tied up with Resin and the other Guardians. However, my dear, I'm afraid you are going to have to choose sides. You'll be safe, no matter what you decide. Provided you don't try to stop us, of course. But we need to know how sympathetic you are to the Guardians and how... loyal... to Commandol Valdor. Think about that while I try to take off this boot without having to cut the leather. Yes, I can see from your face that ruining these boots would be a more serious matter than being held hostage by a bunch of crazed rebels." He smiled to accentuate the teasing in his voice.

As the young doctor raised her throbbing leg to rest on his knee, Ana turned, hoping to find the comfort of James Hart's dimpled, uneven smile at Doc's joke. He was no longer standing behind her. She straightened and saw he was about to leave the hospital through the door they had entered.

"James Hart! Please don't leave, yet," she called to him. She wasn't exactly sure why she wanted him to stay, and she was acutely aware he could not understand her. But the pleading was naked in her voice. "James Hart, please stay."

Ana sighed in relief and embarrassment when he stopped and turned toward her. He rushed back to her, and she was startled to see undisguised bewilderment in his face. He leaned very close to her and demanded something in Standard.

She sat back in alarm and turned to Doc. He, too, was looking at her rather strangely. "What is it? Tell me," she asked, as fear crept along her skin again.

"He wants to know what you just called him," Doc explained evenly.

"I... I just called him James Hart. Isn't that his name?"

With raised silver eyebrows, Doc turned to Hart and spoke in Standard. Ana assumed he was translating her answer. She listened with growing impatience as the two men carried on a lengthy discussion, obviously about her.

Finally, Doc turned to her. "No, dear lady, his name is not James Hart. It's Hart James."

Ana gasped in dismay. "Oh, how stupid." She frowned at Hart and said, "I'm so sorry." Again she faced the doctor. "Please tell him I'm sorry for getting his name wrong."

"There's a little more at stake here than just proper manners, Ana. Do you, by any chance, know something about some packages brought here for James Hart?"

Oh, no, now what? After a pause to look around at the ten or so pairs of eyes now watching and waiting for her answer, Ana nodded. "Yes, I made them. I thought his name was James Hart. Isn't James a first name on Unity?" she asked, and raised her chin defensively.

No one answered her. She bit her lip, glancing around anxiously, as the expectant gazes changed from surprised to excited to something even more intense.

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Product Reviews

  1. Ms. Landry Did it Again! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Feb 2018

    Ms. Landry has once again created main characters whom I care about. My favorite character is the shy Earther Ana. She is creative and compassionate, with a strong sense of fairness. Like most women, she questions her own beauty and abilities, but is determined to do what needs to be done, making her relatable. The Freestander Hart is my idea of the perfect leader: strong and courageous yet compassionate and humble. And then, there’s Doc! He’s amusing and insightful, often being the voice of reason. I even care about the minor characters I met along the way.

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