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Paradise Pines by Paisley Kirkpatrick

If you love your cowboys rugged with a sensitive side, and your heroines with enough fire to light up the western sky, you'll find them in Paradise Pines. Life was tough after the 1849 California gold rush came to an end. The townsfolk who stayed rebuilt their lives and re-established stability through their common bonds.

Charly will take you on a wild ride along the winding, narrow roads of the Sierra Mountains. The town's heroine pulls her stagecoach out of the livery daily carrying passengers and delivering mail on time. Not even a family of bandits keeps her spirits from soaring.

Lucrative gold mines played out and men left by the hundreds. Three Benjamin sisters and five MacGregor brothers combine their talents and experiences to re-establish the mountain community into a thriving town. A music hall, luxury hotel, and cafe return life to Paradise Pines. Saloons give hardworking cowboys and miners a place to try their luck at cards and savor ale and whiskey after a long day's labor.

Doctor Ethan Braddock, hotel owner Declan Grainger, and Sheriff Matt Stanton will greet you at the town's border and welcome you to come on in and stay a while. Life doesn't always go easy in Paradise Pines, but one thing for certain about the Wild West, it's an exciting way of life you don't want to miss.

Books in series: 6

Genre: Historical western romance