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Pacific Ransom -- EPUB

  • A demand to release her mega rich parents forces Kelly Walker to take the ransom money to the Pacific for the exchange. Things change dramatically.
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Release Date:
April 21, 2018
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

Kelly Walker receives a ransom note for the release of her mega rich parents. Urgings not to pay the money until she has them back makes her go to the Pacific area to meet the demands.

Here she meets and hires Steve Corrigan to take her around the World War II islands to search for her parents. Corrigan proves to be a resourceful man who knows the islands like the back of his hand.

Together they decide that the hunters should become the hunted and meet the foes head on.

What evolves is the facts that the kidnapping has more hidden factors that stun Kelly and her parents.


There was no trouble parking the boat. No sign of anyone, not that Corrigan expected anyone. It was a quiet lagoon that looked peaceful. Just one of the many in the area.

Corrigan hunched his shoulders. “Can’t do anything for the rest of the day. Do you feel like exploring the water?”

“You mean scuba diving?” That sounded like a nice distraction.

“Yeah. There’s two hulks in the water. Japanese ships sunk in the war. I’ve seen them a few times. Might find them interesting.”

Kelly smiled. “Sounds like fun.” She needed some sort of distraction.

Corrigan pulled out two sets of scuba gear and both changed and donned the suits.

“Just stick with me. Sometimes sharks inspect the reef. The ships are used as a haven for fish.”

That alarmed Kelly. “If we see one what do we do?”

“I have a spear gun with an explosive head. With the two of us the sharks will keep clear unless it’s a monster. The gun will take care of any shark.”

Corrigan paused for a few seconds and looked at her.

“Where’s the money?”

“In my satchel. Why?”

He reached into a cupboard in the kitchen and pulled out a plastic bag. “Wrap it in this. We’ll hide it in the hulk. It will be more insurance.”

Kelly wasn’t too sure but agreed. She had to trust him. Corrigan placed the money in the bag and sealed it tightly. Kelly thought he knew what he was doing as she watched him.

 “Let’s go,” he said, and took her hand.

They both plunged into the water and dived deeper. Kelly could see why he liked to scuba dive. It was a haven for all sorts of fish. Colored coral cod, hundreds of small fish she couldn’t recognize and many others. She even saw a groper dive into a hidden hole as they got closer. 

Most of the fish took no notice of them. To them they were just other fish posing no danger. Corrigan pointed to a dark shape as they got closer. It was a sunken cargo ship covered with coral and growth that had accumulated over the years. It really was a beautiful world. Corrigan took her through a large hole on the side of the ship and she could see old ammunition scattered around the sand. 

Once they were inside the ship she could see a few rusted cars turned upside down. Crates had been shattered and contents spilled over the bottom of the ship. She picked one up to see Japanese writing on a can. Perhaps the Japanese version of bully beef. A few rusting guns and rifles lay on the bottom of the hulk and she froze when a Moray Eel swam past. It was around six foot long but it hurried away out of their sight. 

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