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P.U.S.H. -- EPUB

  • Mackenzie Fitzhoward isn’t one to trust easily, but when heartthrob Alekzander Goto sets his sights on her, he might just change her mind.
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Release Date:
March 1, 2013
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Mackenzie ‘Mack’ Fitzhoward has focused on her best friend, Rose Matthews for the better part of her life in hopes of forgetting her own past. With her mother locked up for doing the unspeakable, Mack has nothing left in Arizona but a house and some terrible memories.

Alekzander ‘Kaz’ Goto is an internationally known heartthrob -- if you believe the gossip columnists, but he doesn’t feel like one. All he wants is a woman he can love who doesn’t want him for his fame, not so easy to find when his three sisters are more protective than a their mother. All that changes when he meets Mackenzie.

Mackenzie didn’t think she would ever find someone who could sympathize with her pain but in Kaz she finds more than she expected. They have a family to keep together and a relationship to fight for when the impact of loss follows both of them in different ways. If they can’t keep the family together and functioning in the aftermath of death, it’s more than their relationship that would pay the price.


"A boyfriend, really?" If she had to guess, she was sure his ideas about getting with her had just been crushed. "So Mackenzie Fitzhoward does know how to get a guy. We all thought the ugly ducklings of school would end up alone."

Mack kept her back to him. He was grasping at straws. He had always pulled out his harsher side when he knew he was losing, which when it came to Mack, he lost more often than he had ever won. She hated when people used her insecurities against her. She hadn't been bad looking in high school, but any guy commenting on a girl's looks in a negative way was going to affect her. She just had to ignore it, though she doubted Ben would let her.

"It's so nice to see how far you've come since high school." Mack smiled at him as sweetly as she could, channeling her inner Lauren. She didn't know how Lauren did it, smiling at the person who aggravated her more than anything in that second.

"At least I'm not making my living off the courts." Ben smirked and Mack balled her hands into fists. "Your friend Rose has been all over the news lately, she's really getting on people's nerves with her desire for attention."

He was one of the few men on the earth who could get under her skin with a few simple words. Attacking her she could handle, attacking Rose she wouldn't tolerate. She looked down at the tile.

"Could you load my cart with the tile now? Please?" Mack slid her hands into her back pockets, running her fingers over her pocketknife. "It is your job after all."

"Yeah yeah, like you have a better job." Ben grabbed one stack of tile boxes and hauled it onto the cart.

"I'm a nurse."

"Oh, so you're still fixing up sluts after they get smacked around by their pimp." Ben shook his head and Mack gripped her pocketknife tighter. "You are the one who patched up Rose, right?"

He deserved to be smacked for his comment, but she couldn't. If it were high school she'd just knock him out like she had before. Mack smirked, he was still hauling tile onto the cart so she waited until he stopped.


He turned around, the same sneer on his face he had throughout high school. Mack took a step closer, resting her wrists on his shoulders and she bent her lips down close to his neck. Ben froze and sighed as her lips got closer to his neck. She brushed her lips against his ear.

"You make a comment like that again..." Her lips grazed the side of his neck and he shivered. "...and I'll knock you out like I did in high school."

Mack turned around and pushed her cart down the aisle. Next stop was paint.

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