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Not Just Make Believe -- EPUB

  • When a snarky hotel manager becomes a nanny, she also has to reconnect a workaholic 9/11 survivor with his rambunctious and lonely nine-year-old ward.
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December 1, 2009
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Jenifer Ranieri

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Andrea Peterchef had no plans to be a nanny, but a change in job description lands her in the dubious position with spunky nine-year-old Piper, except after meeting Piper’s guardian, Max, she changes her mind. His voice evokes chocolate-scented dreams, but he’s a workaholic. No matter what, Andrea wants to give Piper the stability of a family, even if she has to go toe-to-toe with Max to do it.

Maxwell Gildenthall is a stockbroker haunted by the 9/11 deaths of his girlfriend and his cousin-- Piper’s dad. When his plus-sized au pair badgers him into spending more time with Piper, he realizes he’s been neglecting the child. Away from emotion-numbing work, he’s racked by guilt and pain, which threatens the fragile relationship he has with Andrea. It will take more than a spoonful of sugar to make these problems go down smoothly.


I narrowed my eyes. Show time. I took a deep breath, ignored the scuffmarks on the wonderful floor, and made a mental note to have maintenance down here to de-scuff the area as I headed for the mini devil-incarnate. "Miss Hamilton." I stopped in front of the scooter to prevent any further forward progress on her part. "Piper?" 

"Yes." Green eyes squinted up at me, sparkling with frank curiosity and mischief. "Hi, are you Miss…" She fumbled around the last name on my nametag for a few seconds, confusion making tracks about her face as she tried to sound out the word. 

"Petercheff. Think of the name Peter followed by the word chef," I offered helpfully. 

The morning sunlight reflected off her round, gold rimmed Harry Potter-like glasses and turned her hair into molten fire. If she were smart, she would learn how to harness that exact image for later in life. It would drive men wild. Maybe she would become a movie star. Wouldn't that be something? I could say I knew her before she was famous. 

"How about if I call you Miss Pet? The other name is too hard to say." 

She grinned, showing off a gaping hole in a rather unfortunate line of teeth that would be begging for braces later in life. Been there, done that. 

"I'm Piper, and I turn nine in a month. My uncle's out of town so I guess you'll be watching me." It was a statement. She didn't wait around for a reply. Instead, she sidestepped my blockage of her scooter and started again. "I've had a lot of nannies but they weren't very cool. I don't like boring people." Another statement. "And I don't like nannies." 

I rolled my eyes. Great, I'm stuck taking care of the Donald Trump of the nursery set. "I'm not a nanny. I'm the assistant manager of this hotel and only temporarily watching you," I asserted. I halted her scooter activity with my hand on her shoulder. "Personally, I think anyone who voluntarily wants to be a nanny is out of their minds. Children have a tendency to be very bothersome and very sticky." 

Case in point, Piper's jacket sported some sort of greenish brown stain near one of the pockets. I could already feel the skin on my hand crawl with potential germs. 

My kingdom for hand sanitizer! 

Piper looked me up and down, sticking the tip of her pink tongue in and out of the hole where her front teeth used to be. 

"Guess what? That's an ugly suit. My uncle says I'm a pistol, but I don't know what that means." With a wicked grin, she rooted around in her backpack then with a push of her foot set the scooter in motion. "Catch this, Miss Pet!" She flung a volleyball-sized package at me. Her high-pitched girlish laughter rang over the marble floor. 

In order to catch the package, I stumbled into the fountain. Only then did I realize what I was holding. 

A cluster of fireworks and somehow the little minx had lit its fuse.

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Not Just Make Believe (01:55)
book video for Not Just Make Believe, releasing December 1, 2009 with Desert Breeze Publishing.It will take more than a spoonful of sugar to mend this broken family at Christmas.
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Product Reviews

  1. "... fun, witty, and filled with heart..." 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    "NOT SO MAKE BELIEVE is fun, witty, and filled with heart... Sandra Sookoo’s prose flows easily from page to page and I just love her writing style! Her characters always have such personality and the feel good emotion she brings forth is inviting. When I wasn’t chuckling, I was wiping away tears. This is such a sweet read. It is just perfect for curling up in your favorite spot with a cup of cocoa."

    ~Pamela Denise, Romance Junkies

  2. "... heartwarming and fun story full of sass..." 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    "Not Just Make Believe is both a heart warming and funny story full of sass. Sandra Sookoo gives us characters that we cannot help but relate to in this backwards and yet very comedic fairytale. While Andrea does not believe full-figure women like herself can get the prince, Max goes out of his way to prove to her how wrong she is. Throw in a girl who is a mix of Pippi Longstocking, Dennis the Menace, and Pollyanna, and you to will fall in love with this funny tale."

    ~ Danielle, Coffee Time Romances and More

  3. "... fresh, lively, original, and just plain fun..." LASR 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    "Hitting just the right note for a fun holiday read, “Not Just Make Believe,” is a quirky romance with strong characters and brisk action. Our main character Andrea gives us the story in her own fast paced, bantering style with no apologies and a whole bunch of her own perceptions on the way things are. And, on the way things should be. I adore that she is far from model thin, enjoys eating, and doesn’t even realize she has an attitude.

    As this is a romance review I will let you in on the fact that this sexy and dynamic man Max wears happy-faced pajamas to bed, but the rest of the relationship shall just be a surprise. This is fresh, lively, original and just plain fun. And I absolutely MUST mention that I love the frisky cover.

    Run to your computer and order a copy of Not Just Make Believe today. Sookoo has created a star: Andrea."

    ~ Snapdragon, Long and Short Reviews

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