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Not Even A Moose -- EPUB

  • Federal Wildlife Officer Michael Donovan faces a dilemma days before Christmas. Following an accident, an injured moose escaped. While a blizzard looms, Mike must either track the injured animal or locate Samantha Gates to deliver bad news.
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Release Date:
October 21, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

Federal Wildlife Officer Michael Donovan faces a dilemma. Christmas is days away, a blizzard looms, and Mike must either track an escaped moose, or deliver bad news to Samantha Gates about her grandfather.

Samantha's determined to reach her grandparent's cabin for Christmas. She'll soon be off to veterinary school, following in Grandpa Gates footsteps, and this holiday is special. Hampered by driving snow, Sam ditches her SUV avoiding an injured moose. Mike discovers her aiding the wounded animal and together they get the ungainly patient to shelter, but as Sam doctors the moose, the blizzard traps them.

Alone inside the remote cabin, attraction sizzles between Sam and Mike. Outside danger escalates. Sam insists all will be fine by Christmas. Mike isn't so sure. Will the storm end and bring a Christmas miracle? Or will Mike's news ruin the holiday and their chance for a future together?


The wolf left the path, wading into the deep snow, plowing his way through. He appeared to stagger, but he made it to the tree line and within seconds faded into the forest like a silent gray ghost.

Mike lowered the rifle and nearly lost his footing when Sam plowed into him and wrapped her arms around him.

He pried her arms loose. "You're okay. You're okay," He repeated. "Let's get the hell inside."

They fought their way back and stumbled through the door into warmth and safety.

Mike propped the rifle against the wall and began to shed his outdoor gear. The adrenalin crash would come, but at the moment he felt charged, energized, ready for anything. Smiling as he bent to remove his boots. "Wow, I can't believe that sucker backed down like that. That was one big-assed, mangy wolf,"

He straightened, and his smile faded.

Sam hadn't moved since she'd burst through the door beside him. Her arms hung limp at her sides, melting snow pooled at her feet. Her face was paper white and she shook, visibly, from head to toe.

Mike stepped to her. Her eyes lifted and met his gaze, locking there, unblinking as he began to loosen her gear.

"It's okay, we're safe." He pulled off her gloves, tossed them aside and unzipped her coat. "Maybe we'll open some of that exceptional wine in your grandparents’ pantry. I sure could use a nice glass of Merlot."

After he'd undone the snowshoes and stripped off the outer layers, he led her to the fireplace, made her sit, and knelt to remove her boots.

He remained on his knees, eye level with Sam, and took her hands in his. They were shaking, and stone cold.

Her voice cracked. "Would you hold me, Mike? Please, just hold me." She came into his arms like a frightened child, wrapping her arms around his neck. He eased onto the sofa, loosened the death grip on his neck and lodged himself into the corner.

He settled her against him. She was frightened all right, but this was no child pressed against him. This was a woman, and he feared with the trauma of facing the wolf, the unknown status of her grandfather and their situation in general, she'd emotionally hit the wall.

He'd treated shock. Hauled injured colleagues from raging streams and cornered armed poachers.

He'd held women before, too, but this wasn't just any woman. This wasn't a chance meeting that clicked for two healthy adults headed down that 'mutual consent' path. Oh, no. This was Samantha, the kid from his past.

Only she wasn't a kid anymore.

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