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Northwoods by Paisley Kirkpatrick

The Wisconsin Northwoods was a vast land rich in timber, animal pelts, fishing, and farming in the mid-eighteen hundreds. The vast frontier of the Great Lakes presented both Canadians and Americans an almost irresistible invitation to smuggle.

Oftentimes smugglers weren't the major players in the shadowy business. They did tend to have some standing in their communities and didn’t consider themselves criminals, but good citizens providing a much-needed service to the traders and trappers.

Howling Hank's Trading Post is set deep in the woods along Lake Nokomis. Hank Hughes' father established the post when he was a young boy and now he continues the same traditions as his role model. His post is part of the smuggling operation. Trappers produce pelts and traders bring goods for him to hide and store in tunnels until they can be disbursed. Because he runs his business in this manner, people living in his vicinity are able to live productive lives and provide for their families without the worry of paying the high taxes.

Hank Hughes and his six daughters intermix with interesting pioneers who live deep in the woods and uncivilized men who come into the post on rare occasion. 

Books in Series: ongoing

Genre: Western Frontier Historical Romance