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Newton's Law Book Two: Conservation of Momentum -- EPUB

  • Inadequate superheroes and their human discover the government is genetically engineering dragons in the basement of a local hospital.
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Release Date:
May 21, 2015
Taria Reed
Cover Model:
Jenna Malandro

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With physics out of the way, Rachel Simons thinks that maybe she can relax her final semester of college. No such luck. Rachel starts her internship at the hospital working on a DNA analysis of superheroes as well as whatever her boss tells her to do. Unfortunately, this involves investigating why all of a sudden these superheroes are temporarily losing their abilities while at the hospital.

With the help of her coworkers, Rachel investigates curious incidents in the hospital basement. Her senses tell her there are dragons down there, but her brain insists there aren't. Rachel isn't sure if there is a connection between the issues, so that means even more work for her on top of finishing up her last semester of college, trying to get into grad school, and superhero DNA analysis. So much for relaxing before being pushed out into the real world. 


All the lights are out except for the red EXIT frames over the doors on each end of the hallway.

I take a deep breath. I can do this. I can't really see worth a darn, and there's going to be a lot to see. It's kinda dumb how dependent I am on my eyes. I don't exactly have great hearing. My olfactory skills are top notch, though. I'm a bit worried about how working in a lab will diminish those skills.

I hear the scrape of my footfalls as I shuffle down the corridor, fingertips running along the painted concrete walls. My footsteps echo strangely and shadows appear and follow me. It's ridiculously disconcerting, and my already active imagination goes into overdrive. The adrenaline from my fight-or-flight reflex is making my stomach light and twitchy.

My fingers tell me I've passed three doors. It's the fourth I want.

It's the fourth that's locked. Because of course. Eddy would now start to lock his secret lair.

The door handle is hot. Not scalding but enough to make me worry.

 I smell sulfur and dankness. I really hope the furnace backfired and I'm breathing in poisonous fumes and not what my imagination is firmly telling me is dragon smoke. Brimstone.

I take a step back and trip over something largish. I may have released a squeak of surprise, and I'm thankful no one can hear it.

I decide to risk my night vision by quickly turning on my flashlight.

There in the middle of the hallway, casual as you please, is a giant fucking monitor lizard.

I bite the inside of my lip to keep from crying out in surprise, and that's definitely a large, sulfurous surprise.

I turn the flashlight off. I would rather be in the dark so no one else can see this beast. Or me.


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