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New Beginnings by Christina Freeburn

Sometimes the way to a new life is to give up the old. After the murder of her sister, Renee Stratford-Knight dedicates her skip-tracing business, New Beginnings, to help the broken and lost create a new life for themselves. With the help of her team, hope is offered to abused women where before there was none, even if the members of New Beginnings must risk their lives so others may truly live.

In their quest to save others, the members of New Beginnings find that it’s not only the women who come to them that need saving but also themselves. It’s hard to live a full life when pain controls decisions, and hurting hearts are barricaded from all others. The members of New Beginnings find it’s not only the hopelessness in the world they must fight but the same feeling residing in their hearts.

While helping the broken, Renee and her team come to find they are also lost and only true redeeming love can make one found.

Book in series: 5

Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense