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New Beginnings Book Three: Safe and Sound -- EPUB

  • After witnessing a murder, Hannah Stratford flees. Now with the murderer on her trail, Hannah can only stay alive by proving she’s not dead.

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Release Date:
November 1, 2012
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

Product Description


The hope for a future for the broken begins in Mourning.

Four years ago while deployed, Connor’s new bride lost her way in a blizzard and the mountain claimed her. Grief-stricken and injured, Connor returned home to wrestle with guilt and begin life as a widower. When a woman’s body is uncovered, Connor learns his beloved was murdered...and the murderer has his sights on another woman. Connor’s past and present are pulled apart when the woman claims she’s Hannah.

The murderer who sent Hannah Stratford on the run has tracked her down. Now, the only way to stay alive is for Hannah to prove she didn’t die in a blizzard. Connor offers her safety and protection in his home, but keeps his heart guarded from her. Hannah wants more than to save her life. She wants Connor.


Connor had wanted revenge against the man responsible for Hannah's death and sent his cousin after the possible murderer. Alex had the skills for tracing people, not Connor. So Connor used his cousin's abilities for his benefit. Thank you, Lord, for watching over him and keeping him safe. If anything had happened to Alex, Connor knew it would've been his doing, not God's.

"I should have never asked you to do this, Alex. You placed yourself in danger. You could've gotten yourself killed."

"I was never in danger." Alex glared at him. "I'm not stupid and wish everyone would stop acting like I am."

"I'm not saying that." Here he was giving flack to Alex, and Connor was the one who never thought past himself.

"The implication is there." Alex stood and clenched his hands. "I didn't bring her here because I didn't have a plan. We came here because that's what you asked me to do. Or have you forgotten already? Spear is vulnerable here. We can't let him kill another woman, and he's after her for some reason."

"We'll let Sheriff Haywood know what's going on and he'll protect her."

"He'll say without proof there's nothing he can do. We have to protect her."

"No, you don't." Connor rubbed his hand over his head. How in the world would he get through to Alex? The kid wasn't trained as a bodyguard. Connor didn't want Alex heading into a showdown with Spear and killing the man. Taking another person's life, even in self-defense, changed a man. Alex had enough on his conscience, and Connor didn't want another burden added. A burden Connor created by involving Alex in his vendetta against Spear.

God, help me get out of this now.

"You've fulfilled your obligation to me," Katrina said. "I appreciate you bringing me to Connor, but I don't want you helping anymore. I don't want you getting hurt because of me."

Stunned, Alex pivoted and faced the young woman.

"This isn't your battle." She swung around and focused on the mantle. Connor followed her gaze and settled onto the object demanding her attention, the wedding photo of him and Hannah. "It's mine and Connor's."

"I'm not backing away so the creep can hurt you or Connor. I'm going to find out why he's trying to kill you."

She gripped the arm of the couch and slowly rose. She held out her left hand.

Connor's gaze locked on the ring. Black Hills rose gold. Faded purple grape vines and green leaves twirled around the band. His grandmother's wedding band.

"It's because he knows the truth. I'm not Katrina. I'm Hannah."

Sweat beaded his head and a chill wormed through Connor. Hannah. Was it true? He studied her. A bit slimmer than Hannah but she stood the same height and had similar facial features. Sky blue eyes. Same shaped mouth. Small nose and ears.

"What did you say?" Alex took a step toward her. Hannah.

"Spear doesn't want people to know I'm alive."

"You're alive." Alex's voice rose. "All these years you've been alive and hiding from Connor."

"No. I have not. I wanted to come home." The woman -- Hannah -- stuttered. Her desperate gaze scanned the room. "I couldn't."

"You're a liar!" Alex reached for the woman's arm. "Get out!"

Connor blocked Alex from touching the woman who might be his wife. "Leave her alone."

"She's not Hannah." Alex clenched his hands. "She's running a scam on you."

"I don't do that anymore." The woman stepped forward, squaring her shoulders and tilting her head up. Anymore. The word caught hold of Connor. Anymore. How would anyone else know about the con games Hannah played in the past? It wasn't something either of them talked about. They both kept the secret of her past life with her friend Kitty. Hannah had changed from that woman and became a new one once he met her and she opened her life to God. No. This was Hannah.

"You're not chasing her out," Connor said. "This isn't a scam."

"It's either a scam or it's about hiding a murder."

The color drained from Hannah's face. She swayed on her feet before her body collapsed. Connor rushed forward, reaching for Hannah's unconscious form. Alex also stepped toward her. Connor caught her before she hit the floor, cradling her against his chest. He turned away from Alex. "This is my wife."

"You're wrong. I'll prove it." Alex stalked out the front door into the storm brewing outside.

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