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Moldavian Moon by Stephanie Burkhart

It’s the mid-1800’s and the area which is Romania is haunted with witches, werewolves, and vampires. Moldavia borders the Black Sea and the Crown Prince, Mihai, commits to developing his witching talents. As his father struggles with illness, Mihai is devastated when best friend, Viktor, is transformed into a werewolf. Mihai tries to support his friend, but Viktor’s troubles promises to haunt Mihai’s family.

Mihai’s son, Stefan, faces similar challenges when he’s confronted by a werewolf who wants to fulfill an old curse. Stefan must unify Romania, but can he when his tour of the Romanian principalities drives him closer to the curse he wishes to avoid? Stefan’s brother, Michael, also faces heartbreaking challenges when he finds his mother only to lose her. Can Michael find peace in the face of adversity as a werewolf pursues him for what he believes is his to possess – Rosa Getzi.

Mihai, Stefan, and Michael must draw on their own humanity and the strength of the human spirit to confront the supernatural challenges they face, but is that enough to overcome the supernatural haunting of their family? 

Books in series: 3

Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance