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Mists of Time by Tami Dee

Life can be brutal in ancient Norway. Survival of the fittest is a fact of life. Superstition rules… Clan life breeds fierce loyalty and security within the clan, yet those deemed ‘different’ are shunned and babies born weak are discarded to perish by the elements.

Join the Nabboddrson brothers, each man different in his own right, yet all men loyal to their core. Leif, Chief of the formidable Nabboddrson clan. Davyn, a slave trader searching for his wombmate who was stolen during a raid. Balmung, a farmer at peace and content while working the rich soil of his land, and Ofeig, a battel weary warrior, as their lives and beliefs are turned upside down by a betrayal which proves to be a catalyst that propels the brothers through time and into the arms of women who match them in spirt, courage and loyalty.

Our fierce Norsemen and the women who capture their hearts must each adapt—and survive-- new worlds as they crisscross through time. Adventure, romance, intrigue and the quest for a long-lost truth bring these couples closer, and at times push them apart, until their climatic final passage through the mists of time. 

Books in Series: 4

Genre: Time Travel Romance