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Mists of Time Book One: Under a Viking Moon -- EPUB

  • Worlds and Times clash! Will Leif and Kat let family honor and opposing goals keep them apart? Can their love stand the test of Time?
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Release Date:
June 1, 2009
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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No sooner had his marriage vows been uttered, (at the point of a sword) Leif Nabboddrson, a mighty Jarl of Denmark is shoved off his Drakkars, bound hand and foot, into the sea.

Instead of drowning, he washes up upon the shores of a strange and wondrous beach, and the woman who forced the sea out of his lungs with a remarkable, life saving kiss, is his treacherous bride. Or is she?

Upon her Nordic grandmother's admittance to a nursing home, Katla 'Kat' Jonsdottir was forced to fend for herself on the harsh streets of San Francisco until fate deals her an incredible hand and her life is turned upside down by the arrival of a Viking warrior.

Childhood legends come to life, trust and betrayal are at constant odds, and the attraction between Leif and Kat is too strong to be ignored.


In one deft movement, he flipped the woman on to her back and pinned her beneath him, holding his knife a hair's breadth away from her throat.

She screamed and a seagull flying above screeched in response.

Those captivating long tresses that the wind had taunted and teased but moments ago now spread about her on the sand, as dark as a starless night. Wispy bangs fell across her forehead, softening the elegant perfection of her face. Her smooth, flawless skin was almost translucent, paled by fright and her big eyes were wide and dilated with terror. Seeing her -- feeling her crushed under him, knowing she was completely at his mercy filled him with remorse.

Guilt? Nay, never let it be! Leif snorted in disgust. It mattered not that she was exquisite, fragile and frightened.

She was a murderess!

Her chin trembled as she struggled to form words.

"Please, get off me, you're hurting me," she pleaded, struggling.

He smiled cruelly, the warrior in him fully engaged. He imagined he could simply keep his weight upon her and watch as his body squeezed the life's breath out of her. Until she lie as eternally still as his brothers and warriors.

"Shed your tears, wench. Agonize over whether I will kill you fast, or prolong your agony." He could almost taste her terror. She had much to answer for.

Her sharp intake of breath at his words was a small reward. Good. Let her ponder her fate until he put an end to her miserable life. The blood of his brothers stained her hands, the blood of his warriors. If she had succeeded in murdering him, he realized with a fresh wave of rage washing over him, she would have been responsible for the death of his father as well. Yes, she would pay for her crimes.

He narrowed his eyes. Before he finished with her, she would answer his questions.

"Why did your father order the ambush of my ship?" he demanded hoarsely. "If he wished me dead, why did you save my life just now? What game do you play, lady?"

She went completely still. She seemed to have stopped breathing. Leif felt a stab of panic. Perhaps he had crushed the life from her small, treacherous body. He resisted the urge to adjust his weight. She deserved to die.

After a moment, and to his illogical relief, she heaved a ragged breath. The mysterious pools of her sea-blue eyes darkened and tears glistened on her long lashes, sparkling like crystals of ice. Such a great actress was she, he thought scornfully. Such a skillful liar even without using words.

Words or no words, it did not matter. He was in control now and she would answer his questions. He pressed his face against her cheek and hissed into her ear. "Answer me."

Her small form jerked under him, her tears spilt and ran in a stream down her pale cheeks. "No, I didn't hurt you!" She shook her head in denial. "Oh god, this just isn't possible," she cried, then pinned him with a desperate, pleading gaze. "I know you think I'm her, but I'm not. I swear! Just look around you. Does this look like where you came from?"

Leif ignored her hollow claims of innocence. He refused to allow her near hysterical sobs to sway him. He closed his ears to her pleas, only to hear his own questions tumble over themselves in his mind.

Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. He could feel it. He glanced towards the ocean. Where were the tips of the icebergs that dotted the waters as far as the eye could see? Where had his ship gone? What had been done with his dead? Had his brothers’ bodies been sent back to Denmark so his father could bury them? Would his father even know the bodies presented before him were those of his sons?

"Dude, get a room."

It was a boy's voice. The comment was followed by gales of female laughter. Looking up, Leif saw a strange looking pair of youthlings walking aimlessly down the otherwise deserted stretch of beach. A stretch of beach, he realized with a knot of dread churning in the pit of his stomach, untouched by snow.

The couple, still laughing, now headed straight toward them. The girl had a spiked collar about her neck like a captive slave from the Far East, while the lanky boy walking next to her wore his hair twisted into spikes. Both their faces were white, as if having been deprived a lifetime of sun. Perhaps they were diseased, Leif thought in alarm, noting that even their lips had an unnatural black cast to them.

He moved the knife at her throat out of sight as, with the other hand, he grasped her hair, a silken haven, as though they were in an impassioned embrace. She wrenched in his grasp and her eyes darted from him to the approaching youths.

Again he hissed into the delicate shell of her ear. "Put your arms about my neck. If you do anything to attract attention to your plight, I will kill them immediately after I kill you."

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Product Reviews

  1. Exciting Time Traveling Romance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2013

    Dee crafts an exciting story of time travel and love with "Under A Viking Moon." Katla 'Kat' Jonsdottir and Leif Nabboddrson are two people destined never to meet until a time traveling pendant brings them together. Can the sparks that have ignited between them keep the couple together?

    The story begins with Kat talking to her grandmother "Amma." They are in San Francisco and it is 2006. Amma, sadly, suffers from dementia, but has moments of clarity. Amma is insistent that Kat's lover is coming and she must "go back" with him. Thinking her Amma is not making sense, Kat leaves, but is haunted by visions of a handsome Viking. A week later, Kat rescues the Viking that she has visions about from drowning. It's Leif.

    Leif has traveled through time, enabled by his magical pendant. Leif was on his way to Iceland to marry a woman who looked just like Kat. Kat's ancestor, however, betrayed Leif. She was pregnant with another man's child, Scipio, and when Leif showed up, the marriage ceremony was conducted and then Scipio and Katla's ancestor attacked Leif, throwing him overboard to drown.

    Leif is shocked to find himself in a new time with a woman who looks just like his traitorous wife. Initially, he has trouble trusting Kat, but in time, she wins him over. Kat's friends, Rosie and Singlee, help Leif get used to 2006. The attraction between Leif and Kat grows.

    Kat takes Leif to meet her grandmother. It is a poignant meeting and shortly thereafter, Kat's Amma passes away. Kat then takes Leif and her friends to a bank to retrieve her grandmother's possessions and discovers the other pendant that will allow her and Leif to travel back in time to his Viking world. Initially, Kat doesn't tell Leif about the pendant. He discovers her lie in a most vicious way – before they are both transported to 900 A.D. Denmark. Will the love that Kat and Leif have kindled in San Francisco survive the harsh reality of the Viking culture, or will Kat be forced to live as Leif's slave for the rest of her life?

    Dee's writing is exciting. The story immediately grabs the reader's attention and doesn't let go. The story plot is tight. The dialogue is authentic to both times. Dee captures the worlds of 2006 San Francisco and 900 A.D. Denmark with amazing accuracy.

    The characters are compelling. The reader meets Kat at a certain point in her life and throughout the novel, Kat shows true courage in all her challenges. It's a raw courage that has to be refined. Her defining moment is when she helps Leif's father, and his family, learn to live with his dementia. Leif also has his own problems to deal with. After making Kat his slave, he must learn to live the consequences. It's not easy for him. He has to learn to do what is right despite what society dictates is right.

    The novel is sensual for romance readers. The love scene is tasteful. Overall, "Under A Viking Moon" is a thrilling romantic read that captures the reader's imagination.

  2. Viking brothers in Fun Time Travel Romance 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    Tami Dee has created a world of time travel and romance. She skillfully moves the characters from our time to an ancient Norse encampment, and in the process her fun hero and heroine each have to cope with adjusting to a time that is not their own. This is only the first book - and they keep getting better! There are a lot of brothers in this family, after all! You will want to read them all.

  3. Time Travel Romance is a fun, exciting read. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    The fascinating characters from the first book in this series are supporting players in this second time-travel romance. I enjoyed Tami Dee's sense of fun, adventure and romance that came through the pages loud and clear. Great story! You will keep turning the pages, you will feel with the characters, and sometimes you will laugh out load. While it isn't a comedy, it has a playful sense of fun throughout.

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