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Mists of Time Book Four: Through a Viking Mist -- EPUB

  • Facing one another on a battlefield one moment, the next Ofeig and Eva are propelled to another world, another Time. Can they survive the future?
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Release Date:
March 1, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Two enemies left standing on a blood drenched battlefield. Who will take the as yet unclaimed land for their own?

Ofeig Nabboddrson, a warrior from his youth up, is determined to claim the rich land now stained with blood as his. The only thing standing in his way is a magnificent Valkyrie, a woman who he has seen only in battle and who is called ‘The Protector’.

Eva Samsdottir, an extraordinary woman who singlehandedly saves the children of her village from slavery amidst a deadly raid. Unbeknownst to her a bigger battle awaits her in a Time not her own. Will she have the courage to survive the future?


Ofeig walked Eva to her door. It was a long walk, due to a local drug dealer having set up shop in the elevator. He refrained from breathing the first few flights of stairs, but as he had the first time, by the fourth floor, he had to breathe or pass out.

Yet unlike the last time he made this trek -- what, just four or so hours ago -- he now knew why she lived in squalor.

Every penny she earned went to her schooling and to the women's shelter.

Kat would love Eva should they ever meet, he mused, for they were kindred spirits.

She peeked at him through thick lashes. "You really don't have to walk me all the way to my door." He wanted to kiss her so bad he ached.

It was clear that she was nervous, her hand shook as she fumbled with the keys. He took the heavy key chain from her and slipped the key into the first lock, the next key into the second, and lastly the third key and he turned the knob, pushing open the door.

As soon she stepped over the threshold, he gave into the temptation and kissed her.

Her response was instant and passionate.

Firm curves melted into him and had his body tighten like a bow ready to be loosed. Heat, his, hers, seeped through clothing and seared skin.

He relished the taste of her, the scent, and the feel. Of their own accord his hands caressed the slim column of her neck, inching their way into her hair, upsetting the pins holding it in place. Silken gold locks slipped through eager fingers as he gently held her head within the palms of his hands.

She sighed into his mouth and it was almost his undoing.

To his delight her fingers, with hesitant determination, clasped his shoulders, then slid, much the way his own had but a moment ago, over the straining cords of his neck to at last rest on the back of his head, their movements brushing the short hair and causing goose bumps to cascade over his skin. Somehow they had moved from outside her door, to inside the dim entryway.

With a well-aimed foot he closed the door without their lips or bodies breaking contact.

He slid open his eyes, not familiar with her apartment and not wising the moment to be spoiled by the two of them tumbling over a piece of furniture.

She had not left any lights on, but through a gap in the thread bear curtains at the only window and a pair of sad looking ferns hanging in front of the curtains, a neon sign from across the street filled the room with a dull glow.

He hated that she lived like this, all but in poverty. He admired and respected why she lived thusly. And more than anything he wanted to give her the world on a silver platter.

Nay, he corrected himself as he devoured her lips, more than anything in this world, he wanted to give her his heart on a golden one.

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Product Reviews

  1. An Adventure through Time 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2013

    Dee takes the reader on a thrilling adventure through time with book four of the "Mists of Time" series, "Through a Viking Mist." Ofeig Nabboddrson is a Viking warrior at heart, but he meets his match with Valkyre Eva Samsdottir. Will time bring them together or force them apart?

    "Through A Viking Mist" plunges the reader into a battle royal between Ofeig and Eva as soon as they open the page. During the battle, Ofeig dares to "claim" Eva, however the time traveling pendants have other plans – throwing the warriors into the future to San Francisco 1991.

    The pendants have haunted Ofeig's brothers and now they have come to claim him. Ofeig accepts his fate and becomes a self-made man, yet despite all his modern Aviking, he is missing a piece of his heart. The Valkyre who he dared to claim, Eva, is nowhere to be found and he doesn't know where to look.

    Unfortunately for Eva, she lands in an alley and is immediately accused of a murder she didn't commit. Two thugs, Bennie and Louis, give testimony that sends her to the state prison. While there, Eva learns English and receives an education. With the help of a law student, Mike, Eva is freed from jail and returns to San Francisco.

    Ofeig spies Eva running near the pier and makes it his mission to find her, but when he does, will he have an honest shot of winning her love or has jail hardened Eva's heart?

    "Through a Viking Mist" is populated with an ensemble cast featuring Ofeig's brothers and their wives. It's a nice touch in that the reader gets a glimpse of the previous heroes in the series and their "happy ever after."

    The characterization is the richest part of the story. Ofeig only cares about battles and Aviking, but with his journey to the future, he realizes there's more to life than conquest. Through Eva's selflessness, he learns that kindness and generosity are traits to be admired.

    Eva is a strong heroine, true to her beliefs and convictions. Eva's had a hard life and feels strongly about helping those less fortunate, however, Ofeig has an uphill battle to win her heart.

    The story is "sensual" for romance readers, with several kisses and intimate caresses, but I would have liked to have seen a little more between Ofeig and Eva. There are spelling/grammatical errors, but not so much as to hamper my enjoyment of the novel.

    "Through a Viking Mist" is a heart-warming read which demonstrates that the power of love cannot be held captive by time.

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