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Minx Tobin Mysteries by Susanne Marie Knight

The Minx Tobin Mysteries Series feature Minx Tobin, a fitness instructor who has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. Minx leaves her home in New York, and her unfaithful fiancé, to start a new life in Los Angeles. She settles in at her job as fitness instructor at the Elite Exercise Emporium, and because she likes to help her friends, she unwittingly gets involved in murder cases, one after another. Because of this, she earns the reputation as a female Sherlock Holmes.

Overworked LAPD Homicide Lieutenant Gabe Harris has no interest in starting a new romantic relationship. He has his fill of women... and dead bodies. The women he can handle. The dead bodies -- unfortunately they keep piling up. On one particular case, he becomes intrigued despite himself with a possible murder suspect, Minx Tobin. She, however, has no interest in him. A healthy ego like his can't handle that. He vows to keep an eye on Ms. Minx Tobin.

Minx’s new location is hazardous to her health. Why do murders and Minx seem to go together? And with the sexy homicide lieutenant she’s always running into, Los Angeles is definitely harmful to her slowly healing heart. Gabe and Minx fight their attraction to each other, outwit murderers, and fall more and in love with every exciting case. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow Minx’s adventures in this murder mystery series.

Books in series: 6

Genre: Mystery Romance