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Minx -- Epub

  • When the hunky cowboy of her dreams wanders into town, passion flairs but glamorous life choices put their love and lives in peril.
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Release Date:
October 11, 2013
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Sarah Gordon grew up riding the range and riding hell on the men around her. Sent to Boston to gain culture and education, her intelligence and daring spirit become the brains behind her Grandfather's investments taking the Gordon's from poverty to wealth. But with wealth, comes trouble. Just as she has the men of Boston eating out of her hand, the heartthrob of her youth, Josh, arrives in town to mess with her plans, and her heart.

Josh Colter, arrives in Boston to escort Sarah home, a mission he does not relish. To his surprise, the brass, scrawny girl of thirteen has turned into a stunning beauty with the poise and intelligence to handle herself. Josh soon learns that getting Sarah to do anything she doesn't want to do is a tall order. As danger throws them into each other's arms, can Josh complete his mission against the one person who could tempt his heart?


"Sarah," Josh said as soon as they were somewhat alone outside. "We need to talk." She fought disappointment as he was back to business, all charm gone from his voice.

"I gathered, but did you have to barge into the dinner party. I'd be home in a few hours." She was mad. He showed up here looking gorgeous, making demands and ogling at June. She wasn't exactly ugly herself. He could at least have given her more than a cursory look.

"This couldn't wait," he hissed, looking over at where June stood. He grabbed Sarah's arm and pulled her deeper into the shadows and away from the open french doors which opened onto the garden patio.

"You're hurting me," she hissed back.

"Sorry," he said releasing her arm. "You need to leave with me now. I think someone is after you or Brad."

"Oh, really," she said, able now to roll her eyes without anyone yelling at her. "Is this some dramatic effort to get me to go home with you?"

"No, I'm serious."

"Fine. I'll play along. What do you mean, after us?" she said, sweeping her arm around the garden. "Is he here? Perhaps I should introduce myself."

Josh grabbed her arms again and turned her back to him. He shook her slightly. "Listen to me, you little minx. I was followed today from the train station when I first came to your house. The same man followed me back to the train station and through that big green area in town.

"It's called Boston Commons."

"Whatever. The man comes up to my shoulder and is fat around the stomach. He wore a cheap gray suit and a white hat. Does he sound familiar? Have you seen him before?

"No, and what makes you think he's after me or Grandfather? He could be after you since he was following you," she said, poking him in the chest.

"Why would he be after me? I'm a stranger here. Plus, he was told to send a telegram to a man with where I went and what I did. Whoever this man is, he now knows your address and that I bought us tickets home.

"You bought yourself a ticket home," Sarah hissed at him. "I did not agree to go with you. Oh, and thank you for showing my address to some pervert."

"Sarah, whoever this is could be dangerous," Josh hissed angrily back at her.

"Really, Josh. Don't you think you're overreacting a bit? If you think you can scare me into going home with you, you can think again," she said, stabbing him in the chest again with her finger.

"Listen, Sarah," he grabbed her arms, pulling her toward him. Her breath caught as she looked up at his strong jaw.

"Josh," she whispered his name before she could stop. How she wished he would kiss her like she had wanted when she was younger. She looked up into his face and saw his eyes change. They took on a deep fathomless look. Could it be he wanted her? Could it be he found her desirable?

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