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Midnight -- EPUB

  • A fiery ranch owner has to choose between a wandering cowboy’s passionate kisses or making a deal with the devil to save her land.
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Release Date:
March 1, 2013
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description


Meg Gordon, determined to save her family ranch from bankruptcy and a ruthless killer, puts her life in the path of danger hoping her wits and temper will win out.

Trent, a stranger dressed in black, is looking to finish a job, find a young girl, and collect his earnings, but will he risk it all to save the woman he loves?

As Meg learns the truth about the stranger, will she succumb to his passionate embrace and tempting kisses, or will she make a deal with the devil to save her land?


In a moment of rest, a man's dry chuckle met her ears. That was the one thing she hadn’t wanted to hear. She looked between her legs, spat to get the hair out of her face, and fixed her gaze on the legs of a strange horse. The animal's rider dismounted and stooped to look through her legs back at her. He smiled at her with laughter in his eyes. Her blood boiled. When she got free, she'd let him have it.

"Looks like you've got yourself into quite a mess," he remarked as if trying to suppress his laugher. "Need some help?"

"No, thank you," she answered, spitting more hair out of her mouth. As if she was going to ask him for help.

"Okay, if that's the way you want it, but it seems to me like you could use a hand."

"I'll manage," she said with a hiss. She struggled to lower her right hip to one side in the hope it would slide between the rocks and she could worm her way out. The movement wouldn't be graceful, but then again, when was she ever graceful?

"Have it your way. The least I can do is to catch your horse for you. That snake scared the dickens out of her."

"She'll come back when I call her," Meg snapped with authority in her voice.

The man smiled and stared at her well rounded bottom."Oh? Does everyone come running when you call?"

"How dare you say such a thing?" With a grunt, she finally slid her hip down. "Ouch!"

A series of swear words ran through her head as her hip smacked into a small, very sharp rock. She was definitely going to have a bruise.

"If… you… were… a… gentleman," she said with a huff, spitting another strand of hair out of her mouth. How did it get everywhere?


"You... ouch! You wouldn't just stand there while a lady lies on the ground."

The stranger laughed aloud. "Now, ma'am, I may be a lot of things, but I've never been less than a gentleman to a young lady in distress. And besides, I offered to help."

"You offered to help without moving a muscle. I wouldn't take your help now if you begged me."

"Very well. Have it your way. Don't let it be told I didn't try to help."

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Product Reviews

  1. "What a great story!" 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jul 2013

    "What a great story filled with mystery, danger and romance. Meg is one strong, kick butt woman. Trent is a strong, protective man, which makes them perfect for each other. With the other characters in the story, you get a bit more mystery to round out the story and make it a very enjoyable read."

    ~ Matilda, CoffeTime Romance

  2. Great historical Western 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Mar 2013

    A spunky gal and hot cowboy make for a great historical Western. This book also has an intricate setting and interesting plot that kept me reading.

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