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Manchester Women Book Three: Miranda Takes a Stand -- EPUB

  • Miranda Hendriksen's always wanted a family, but now she has one, she realizes it only takes a few mean-spirited people to make trouble for everyone.
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Release Date:
August 21, 2017
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Gwen Phifer

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Miranda Hendriksen's thought her lifelong dream of having a large family died with her husband, so when the townspeople of Manchester, Iowa rescued a pair of orphans from a brothel, she seized the opportunity to take them in.

She would finally have her family, and the town knew the girls' history. Surely, they would accept them.

At least that's how she thought things would go. Until the new minister and his wife arrived in town. Unfortunately, they had some very strange and ultra-conservative notions – which they had no trouble sharing with their new parishioners. Perhaps, pontificating might be more accurate. And, one of their favorite topics was Miranda and 'her girls'.

Then Miranda realizes both girls are pregnant.

It's time for Miranda to take a stand. 


"Manchester is on the fast road to hell. I only hope we can save you all."

"But," Mrs. Murphy countered, "if you would only listen to what happened. Or, at least read the trial transcripts you might have a better understanding--"

"Understanding? Understanding! My dear, I believe my husband and I understand quite enough.

"Madams, brothels, Chinamen, drug addiction, whores being nurtured in the bosom of society... and carrying bastards, as well. Don't you people realize those children will be going to school with your own children? Unless something is done to purge the filth from this backwater town, they will associate with all of you. Is that what you want for yourself and your children?"

"Well, I'm not sure I would go quite that far--"

"That's because you're too close to it all. You're all too close to everything. While I have a fresh and accurate perspective." Several other women nodded in silent agreement.

Miranda knew she should leave. If she stayed, she would only hear something that would push her over the edge of reasonable behavior and get her into trouble. She had the girls to think of. She needed to provide a good example for them.

And then, Miranda heard Ann's mother say, "Well, perhaps, and I'm only saying, perhaps, you might have some valid points concerning those girls," Mrs. Murphy said. "But you must be mistaken about Meg Strong and Gus Gunderson. Gus has lived here for as long as I can remember, and Margaret Strong is a dear."

"That doesn't change the fact that the only proof that they were ever married is a few scribbled lines in the church registry. No one we've spoken to knew anything about it until after they'd left together on the afternoon train to Chicago."

"But Dr. Thorne and Mr. Stratton both told us they were witnesses. That they'd been sworn to secrecy until after the wedding."

"Don't even get me started about Dr. Thorne. What kind of woman becomes a doctor? And, once again, you all seem to just accept this abomination! Are you sheep?"

"But, the doctor is very competent. Why, she ministered to everyone during the scarlet fever epidemic.

"No, if she says Meg and Gus got married, they did," Mrs. Murphy insisted.

"Now, seriously, my dear, who would want to keep their wedding a secret? Only people with something to hide keep secrets.

"No, you mark my word, there's something behind this... this alleged marriage."

Something in Miranda snapped! She turned, stepped out from behind the book shelves, and faced the woman, before she exclaimed, "I neither know who you are, nor do I care. However, I do care about what you are saying. Especially, when I hear you slandering my very dear friends.

"I heard you say you've only been in town a few days. How dare you say such slanderous things about anyone! Especially when you don't even know any of the people you're gossiping about!

"And, as to referring to the two poor children that were kidnapped, drugged, and sold to men who hide behind their families and so-called Christian values, how dare you? How dare you!"

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