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Love Bites Book One: Love at First Stake -- EPUB

  • Slaying Vampires has always been Savannah's dream. Falling in love with one never entered her mind. Now, it is her only salvation, and the world's.
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Release Date:
April 1, 2009
Cover Artist:
Nik Ranieri

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Newbie Vampire slayer Savannah Marshall comes from a long line of Slayers. When she lands her first assignment, she doesn't plan to set the world on fire, but she does hope to stake her first assignment; thereby securing her place on the family wall of fame. If not that, at least to make it back at dawn without fangs and a thirst for O-Neg. The one thing she didn't plan on was meeting the vamp of her dreams. Staking Donatello Ravell might not have been the best way to start a relationship, but it sure gets her in more trouble than she bargained for.

With more sexual tension that the job description called for, Savannah must team up with the only Vampire capable of making her forget every vow she ever took as a Slayer. But what can she do when she and Donatello are the only ones able to stop an insane vampire from starting the first war between vamps and humans in over a thousand years? Left with only two days to stop him, the pair discover there's more to life than saving the world -- like falling in love. Now, all they have to do is stay alive long enough to make sure their first stake isn't their last.


"Madam, are you aware you just shoved a sizable stake through my heart!"

I found this to be a most peculiar question since I had -- in fact -- just slammed that sucker home. Perhaps I'd located the only halfwit Vampire in town to go up against for my first time as an officially sanctioned Slayer of the Holy Order of St. Vlad. It would certainly explain how easily I'd taken the dirty bloodsucker down. Not to say I'm not a fantastic Slayer, but this being my first night on the job I doubted it resulted from anything but dumb luck with a smattering of innate skill. Then again the stupid Vampire theory could prove to blow that out of the water but I didn't want to focus on that aspect. It was time to focus on the important issue.

I'd just taken down a flipping Vampire not three hours out of the gate!

The euphoria from that alone would quell the little voices pointing out all my inadequacies.

Oops, I had better get back to the Vampire. He was getting a little squirmy. Sitting back on his rock hard stomach, I gave the stake another tap in hopes that the vamp would get the idea he should be dead by now. Or, at the least, stop mumbling obscenities about me under his breath.

Note to self: Try not to think about the rock hard abs or the pokey thing tapping at my back door that was not a stake but just as hard. Both were distracting me, and quite frankly, Slayers shouldn't be thinking about jumping a Vampire's bones, especially when they're in the process of killing them.

"Ouch! That friggin' hurt!" He slapped at my hands as I added a twist and spin to my tap-tap-tap.

Maybe next time I should bring a rubber mallet or something. The threat of carpal-tunnel haunted the careers of many a promising Slayer, and unfortunately wasn't covered under our current health plan. If we had a union, this wouldn't be an issue, but serving a higher good came with certain drawbacks. An inadequate health plan being one of them.

"I should hope so," I growled through clenched teeth as I tried not to lose my seat. "I'd hate to think I staked you only to have you enjoy the experience." But with creatures of the night, you really couldn't be sure. They sucked blood. Who knew what kind of freaky crap they might be into?

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