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Logan County by Jean Thompson Kinsey

The Livingston Family endures triumphs and heartbreak as they struggle to save their beloved homestead, Willow Shade Farm. Murder, mayhem, romance, and a little madness mix to keep Maddy Kennedy and her family in suspense. Humor, secrets, and bonds forged by family and faith keep them holding collectively as one, especially, when Maddy learns her birth-father is a descendant of the notorious outlaw, Jesse James, and the man who offers her a solution to her problems might be a killer.

 Maddy is a woman of many facades, from a disillusioned wife to daughter helping her aging father keep the farm out of foreclosure, also from loving mother to matriarch. Her hardships and joys span a decade as she searches for her biological father, agonizes over husband, Detective Kenneth Kennedy, missing and presumed dead when an undercover bust goes bad. Plus, in desperate attempts to help her son, Eric, obtain a breakthrough in autism, she turns to alternative measures not recognized by the medical field.

 Willow Shade is haunted by a madman, Vandal Cole, who sabotages the farm with barn burnings, anthrax poisoning, and murder. He even plagues them after his death when Maddy is accused of killing him.  The police officers’ hands are tied due to police procedures and ethics, but not so with “The Fearless Five.” These ladies, traipse through abandoned graveyards, venture across rotting swinging bridges, and explore a dangerous cave, attempting to solve the mystery of Willow Shade Farm and save a family member from prison. Or worse—murder.

Books in series: 3

Genre: Christian light suspens