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Logan County Book Three: Murder at Willow Shade -- EPUB

  • Ashley and Kyle put their wedding on hold while Ashley investigates a murder that could put her mother in prison. Do they wait too long?

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Release Date:
October 21, 2013
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description


All Ashley Kennedy wants is to marry her childhood sweetheart and make a go of Willow Shade Stables, but Kyle gets cold feet and refuses to set a date. Then the builders unearth a skull while digging her basement.

When the skull is identified as an old adversary, the sheriff suspects Ashley’s mom, Maddy.

Before Maddy can be convicted, Ashley puts her life on hold and joins the Livingston women in an investigation to prove her mom’s innocence. To obtain evidence, the Fearless Five ladies bend the rules which the law-abiding policemen dare not do.

The murderer is still loose and determined not to be prosecuted. When he attacks Ashley, Kyle realizes he still has deep feelings for her. The equine farm has suffered along with their relationship. Is it too late for either the horse business or their love to rekindle?


Bud scrambled off the back-hoe to check out whatever was causing Vic to get so riled. "You--You’re right. That thang belongs to a human. And it looks like a John Deere emblem on the remnants of his cap." He shook his head. "Wasn't no Indian either. Look at that kinky hair."

"Boss, remember a few years back when that Cole guy disappeared? Didn’t he wear a cap like this 'un?"

Bud rubbed sweat off his forehead. "Reckon we best call the Logan County Sheriff."

Vic glanced toward the house. "Are you gonna tell Miss Kennedy?"

"Nope, I don't rightly think so. Think I’ll wait and let the sheriff tell her. That woman’s already jumped my case twice today. One more time, and I might pack up my equipment and leave. I'll use the bag phone in the truck. I just as soon's not use the house phone for this 'un."

Vic nodded, his nose nearly touching his chin over the indention where his teeth used to be. "Think it might be a good idie."


Ashley Kennedy kept her eyes glued to her boots. She didn't want to step in a gopher hole or a horse biscuit as she stomped through the green pastureland while walking toward the house. It had been a long day, setting up the tack room and inspecting the fences, getting ready to officially open the horse retirement farm. Now the builders decided the basement needed more excavating.

She glanced over her shoulder in the direction of the building site. Why had the digging stopped? It would be this time next Juvember before she and Kyle got married at this rate. Ashley didn’t want to argue with the contractors anymore today. Perhaps she’d snapped at them a bit too much earlier. They couldn’t help it if the backhoe needed some repair before finishing the basement. She’d apologize tomorrow. It was time to go in and plan Papaw's supper now. She’d promised to take care of him while Mom, Dad, and Eric were in Massachusetts attending the Son Rise program for parents of autistic children.

"Papaw, where are you?"

Ashley didn't see him when she came in the back way.

"Out here on the front porch."

She walked out to check on him. "I'll fix us something to eat in a bit. I want to make a few phone calls to some potential clients." She rubbed the palms of her hands in front of her. "I'm getting nervous."

Papaw brushed his foot across Welby's fur. "Ash, I think I hear sirens in the distance. Hope there's not a wreck over on the highway."

She turned her ear toward the road. "I hear them. They're getting closer. Sounds like they're on Four Springs Road. I pray nothing's wrong out this way. I never heard a crash; did you?" She shaded her eyes with her hands. "Seems like the sirens are just beyond the bridge."

Jake and Riley stuck their noses in the air and howled. Welby swiped his ears with his paws.

"I didn’t hear a wreck, but Ashley, girl, looks like they're turning in here. Sheriff Thompson and Shawn Miller are coming up our drive."

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